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Simon Cotton (Participant), William Scanlon (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impact

Being Human - a festival of the humanities (Northern Ireland Hub)

Franziska Schroeder (Participant), David Grant (Participant), Kurt Taroff (Participant), Cahal McLaughlin (Participant), Stefanie Lehner (Participant), Alex Murray (Participant), Sian Barber (Participant), Paul Murphy (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

Distributed Listening – socially engaged art

Franziska Schroeder (Participant), Pedro Rebelo (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Societial Impact

Exhibition and Performance Victoria and Albert Museum

Maruska Svasek (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact, Cultural Impact

How the UK election may destabilise Northern Ireland

Yvonne Galligan (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact


Paul Miller (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impact

Workshop The Meaning of Clothes

Maruska Svasek (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact