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  • 2023

    Long COVID research: an update from the PHOSP-COVID Scientific Summit

    Evans, R. A., Bingham, M., Jenkins, R. G., McCann, G. P., Mitchell, J., Semple, M. G., Smith, N., Walker, S., Ahmad, S., Ali, M., Anderson, D., Armour, C., Armstrong, N., Baillie, J. K., Banerjee, A., Barker, R. E., Begum, M., Bell, M., Bell, R., Bennett, K., & 192 othersBourne, M., Brown, V., Brown, M., Brown, J. S., Brown, A., Brown, J. S., Burns, G., Burns, A., Busby, J., Butt, A., Byrne, S., Cairns, P., Carr, C., Carson, G., Casey, A., Chambers, R. C., Chapman, K., Chen, J., Cheng, Y., Clarke, J., Cole, J., Connolly, B., Cooper, S., Cooper, B., Cooper, J., Craig, T., Cross, A., Daly, P., Davies, G., Davies, G., Davies, M. J., Dawson, C., Dobson, S. L., Drain, S., Edwards, S., Elliott, A., Elliott, K., Evans, R. A., Evans, D., Evans, R. A., Evans, J., Fletcher, S., Flynn, M., Ford, A., Francis, S., Fu, X., Geddes, J. R., George, J., Glover, S., Goodwin, C., Greenwood, J., Grieve, D., Griffin, D., Gupta, A., Hall, L., Hanley, N. A., Harrington, K., Harris, E., Hart, N., Harvey, A., Harvey, M., Heaney, L. G., Hewitt, M., Holloway, L., Howard, K., Hughes, R. A., Hughes, J., Hughes, A. D., Hutchinson, J., Johnson, C., Johnson, S., Johnston, D., Jones, S., Jones, H., Jones, L., Jones, M. G., Jones, D., Kelly, S., Kerr, S., Khan, F., Kilroy, S., King, B., Kirk, J., Lee, J. H., Lewis, J., Li, X., Lynch, C., Magee, N., Marshall, M., Marshall, B., Martin, J., Martinez, L. M., Matthews, L., McArdle, A., McCormick, W., McCormick, J., McCourt, P., McCracken, C., McGarvey, L., McInnes, I. B., McIntosh, J., McIvor, K., McMahon, A., McMahon, M. J., Mcnally, T., McNeill, J., Miller, C. A., Mills, C., Mills, G., Milner, L., Mohamed, A., Mohammed, S., Morrison, L., Neill, P., Newman, T., Nolan, C. M., O'Brien, C., O'Donnell, K., O'Brien, L., Owen, J., Palmer, S., Pavlides, M., Peng, Y., Peto, T., Porter, J. C., Porter, J. C., Powell, N., Pratt, J., Price, A., Price, C., Price, L., Price, D., Richardson, M., Rahman, N. M., Reed, A., Robertson, E., Robinson, L., Robinson, E., Ross, G., Ross, A., Rowland, M. J., Roy, M., Russell, E., Scott, J. T., Scott, K., Sewell, T. A., Shah, A., Sharma, M., Shaw, A., Shaw, K., Siddiqui, S., Simpson, N., Simpson, J., Singh, S., Singh, S., Smith, D., Smith, A., Smith, J., Smith, L., Smith, S., Stewart, I., Taylor, J. P., Taylor, A., Taylor, C., Taylor, J. P., Thomas, S., Thomas, C., Thompson, A. A. R., Thompson, T., Tomlinson, J., Turner, S., Walmsley, S., Walsh, S., Walsh, J. A., Ward, T. J. C., Watson, L., Watson, E., Watson, J., White, S., Wilkinson, D., Williams, J., Wilson, A., Wilson, I., Wilson, D., Woods, J., Wright, C., Wright, S., Wright, L., Xu, M., Young, S., Young, A. & PHOSP-COVID Study Collaborative Group, 01 Nov 2023, In: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 11, 11, p. e93-e94 2 p.

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  • 2022

    Promote clean-energy transition in student education

    Heffron, R. & Foley, A., 05 Jul 2022, In: Nature. 607, 32.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review

  • 2019

    Broadband THz absorption spectrometer based on excitonic nonlinear optical effects

    Majeed, A., Ivanov, P., Stevens, B., Clarke, E., Butler, I., Childs, D., Kojima, O. & Hogg, R., 13 Mar 2019, In: Light: Science and Applications. 8, 1, 29.

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  • 2016

    Porous Materials with Tunable Structure and Mechanical Properties via Templated Layer-by-Layer Assembly

    Ziminska, M., Dunne, N. & Hamilton, A. R., 11 Aug 2016, In: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 8, 34, p. 21968–21973

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  • 2010

    Self‐Healing of Internal Damage in Synthetic Vascular Materials

    Hamilton, A., Sottos, N. R. & White, S. R., 01 Dec 2010, In: Advanced Materials. 22, 45, p. 5159-5163

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  • 2009

    Force-induced activation of covalent bonds in mechanoresponsive polymeric materials

    Davis, D. A., Hamilton, A., Yang, J., Cremar, L. D., Van Gough, D., Potisek, S. L., Ong, M. T., Braun, P. V., Martínez, T. J., White, S. R., Moore, J. S. & Sottos, N. R., 07 May 2009, In: Nature. 459, null, p. 68-72 5 p.

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  • 2003

    Genetic testing for BRCA1 mutation in the UK

    Kennedy, R., Kennedy, R., Quinn-O'Brien, J., Johnston, P. G. & Harkin, P., 11 Jan 2003, In: Lancet. 361, 9352, p. 179-179 1 p.

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