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Research Output 1976 2020


Reciprocating Expander Valve

Bucknor, N., Douglas, R., Glover, S., McCullough, G., McKenna, S. & Patty, J., 11 May 2017, Patent No. WO 2017/079770 A1, 23 Dec 2016, Priority date 04 Nov 2015, Priority No. 62/250,598

Research output: Patent

Channel flow
Rankine cycle
Waste heat utilization

Polymeric blend containing poly alpha-1,3-glucan, Patent Number

Kumar, S., 30 Jun 2016, Patent No. WO2016106068 A1

Research output: Patent

Nanocomposite compositions and process of preparation thereof

Kumar, S., 19 Dec 2014, IPC No. Indian Patent, Patent No. 3377/DEL/2014, Priority date 20 Nov 2014

Research output: Patent


A system and method for cooling a gas turbine engine combustion assembly

Oakley, J., Artt, D. & Spence, S., 06 Jun 2012, Patent No. GB2459177

Research output: Patent

Method and Apparatus for Testing a Catalyst Material

Douglas, R. & Woods, A., 2012, IPC No. F01N11/00, Patent No. EP2376754

Research output: Patent


Combustion Chamber Cooling Method and System

Oakley, J., Artt, D. & Spence, S., 15 Dec 2011, IPC No. F01P11/00, Patent No. US2011303390

Research output: Patent

Data acquisition

Use of Barex for long-term storage of aggressive chemicals

Dunne, N. & Orr, J., 2010, Patent No. 1005559.8

Research output: Patent


Method for Fabrication of tissue scaffold from marine precursor

Buchanan, F., Cunningham, E., Walker, G. & Dunne, N., 2008, Patent No. 0804141.0

Research output: Patent


Apparatus and Method for Polymerisation of Surgical Bone Cement

Dunne, N. & Orr, J., Oct 2006, Patent No. 0506186.6, 2006; WO2006103410 (A1)

Research output: Patent

Process for Preparing Hydroxylapatite

Buchanan, F. & Walker, G., 2006, Patent No. British Patent Application No. 0609815.6

Research output: Patent


Caro, C., Falzon, B. & Petousis, I., 2006, Patent No. WO 2006/032902

Research output: Patent


A Personnel Hoist

McBarron, J., Hall, R. & Kee, R., Sep 2005

Research output: Patent

Electron Beam Modification Of Bioabsorbable Polymers

Buchanan, F., 2005, Patent No. PCT/GB2005/000471 (App. No.0402838.7)

Research output: Patent


Helical Stent

Caro, C., Watkins, N., Falzon, B. & Birch, P., 2004, Patent No. WO 2004/082533

Research output: Patent


Material Processing

Hornsby, P. & Bream, C. E., Jun 2002, Patent No. WO 02/47893

Research output: Patent


Exhaust Device for Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines

Kee, R., Mar 1998

Research output: Patent