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R1952PSY: The Psychology of Debt Advice

Feeney, A.


Project: Research

R4737PSY: Fathers in Families: An Evaluability Assessment

McLaughlin, K., Dempster, M., Lohan, M. & Macdonald, G.


Project: Research

S2387PSY: KTP/Senumco Ltd

McKeown, G.


Project: ktp

R1492PSY: A New Metric for the Assessment of Driver Crash Risks

Rolison, J. & Moutari, S.


Project: Research

R6315PSY: Processes Influencing Democratic Ownership and Participation

Lyons, E.


Project: Research

R1126PSY: Peace4Youth

Blaylock, D.

11/12/2019 → …

Project: Research

R6615PSY: contactVIRT

Turner, R. & McKeown, G.

09/05/2019 → …

Project: Research

R4803SES: NIHR - Global Health - 16/137/85

Connolly, P., Dunne, L., Kee, F., McGovern, M., Miller, S., Taylor, L., Winter, K. & Woodcock, K.

30/06/2017 → …

Project: Research

R1583SSP: Care Pathways and Outcomes Study: The teenage years

McSherry, D. & Rushe, T.

09/12/2015 → …

Project: Research

S2805PSY: S KTP/ Mediasights Ltd

Curran, W.


Project: ktp

R2840CHC: Voypic Policy Advocacy Evaluation

McSherry, D., Dunne, L. & McLaughlin, K.

01/08/2011 → …

Project: Research