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Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

I would be interested in supervising PhD students in many areas of modern literary studies, particularly:
-Decadence and Aestheticism;
-Oscar Wilde;
-literature and place;
Please contact me if you would like to discuss prospective projects.


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Research Interests

I specialise in British and American literature of the period 1880-1940, with particular expertise in: Decadence and writing of the fin de siècle; modernism; literature and place (particularly London and New York); travel writing; religion and literature. 


My fourth monograph, Decadent Conservatism: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Past, was published by Oxford University Press in 2023. It offers the first examination of the intersections between conservatism and the literary traditions of aestheticism and Decadence, with chapters on: Decadent-conservative little magazines; politicians and Decadence; Folk Decadence; 'Throne-and-Altar' Decadence; Decadence and Imperialism. I am currently editing (with Kate Hext) The Oxford Handbook of Oscar Wilde, and  recently edited with Sarah Parker For That Moment Only, And Other Prose Works for the MHRA's Jewelled Tortoise Series, bringing previoulsy unpublished prose writing by Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper, who wrote under the name Michael Field, to print. Other edited collections include Decadence: A Literary History (Cambridge University Press, 2020), and with Kate Hext  Decadence in the Age of Modernism, (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019) and with Jason David Hall, Decadent Poetics: Literature and Form at the British Fin de Siècle (Palgrave, 2013). My previous monograph, Landscapes of Decadence: Literature and Place at the Fin de Siècle, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016. Other recent or forthcoming publications include essays on:  Evelyn Waugh and the 1890s; F. Scott Fitzgerald and European Decadence; John Dos Passos and Vision; Elizabethan Literature and 1890s Decadence; 'Michael Field' and late-Victorian travel; Decadence in Britain and Ireland beyond London; Sylvia Townsend Warner, Blake, and Rural Politics; Michael Field and RomanticismVernon Lee's British and Irish Travel writing; Decadence and Experience;  Michael Field's Nonconformist Social Politics; The Conservative and Patriotic 1890s; Decadent Constantinople; Charlotte Mew and Silence. I have appeared on BBC Radio's In Our Time discussing The Decadent Movement, and with Margaret D. Stetz I have published a lost story by the New Woman writer George Egerton in the TLS. In 2022 I established, with my colleagues Kate Hext (University of Exeter) and Kristin Mahoney (Michigan State University), a new journal: Cusp: Late Nineteenth-/Early Twentieth- Century Cultures, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. 

    Image result for landscapes of decadence: literature and place at the fin de siècle  Decadence  

My earlier work included a mongraph, two edited collections and a special journal issue on Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, an edited collection on the French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, and a Handbook of Modernism. My first monograph, Recalling London (2007) examined the politics of history in contemporary London literature. My work on Agamben has been translated into Italian, Turkish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Giorgio Agamben: 1st Edition (Paperback) book cover 13763503 The Agamben Dictionary The Work of Giorgio Agamben






Decadent Conservatism: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Past. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023.

Landscapes of Decadence: Literature and Place at the Fin de Siècle. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Giorgio Agamben. Routledge Critical Thinkers Series. London: Routledge, 2010.

Recalling London: Literature and History in the Work of Peter Ackroyd and Iain Sinclair. London: Continuum, 2007.


Critical Edition


(With Sarah Parker), Michael Field, For That Moment Only, And Other Prose Works. Cambridge, MHRA: 2022.


Edited Collections and Special Journal Issues


With Kate Hext, The Oxford Handbook of Oscar Wilde. Oxford University Press - under contract.

Decadence: A Literary History. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

With Kate Hext, Decadence in the Age of Modernism. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019.

With Vike Plock, Special Issue of Literature Compass on Sylvia Townsend Warner Vol. 11, No. 12, 2014.

With Jason David Hall, Decadent Poetics: Literature and Form at the British Fin de Siècle. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

With Arne de Boever, Jonathan Roffe and Ashley Woodward, Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

With Jessica Whyte, The Agamben Dictionary. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011.

With Thanos Zartaloudis, ‘Law and Thought: on the Work of Giorgio Agamben.’ Special issue of Law & Critique 20:3 2009

With Philip Tew, The Modernism Handbook. London: Continuum, 2009.

With Justin Clemens and Nick Heron, The Work of Giorgio Agamben: Law, Life, Literature.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2008.


Journal Editing

2022-present - Founding editor of Cusp: Late Nineteenth-/Early Twentieth- Century Cultures (Johns Hopkins University Press)

2006-2014 - Founding editor of parrhesia: a Journal of Critical Philosophy




'Havelock Ellis and Decadent Conversion', Christianity & Literature 73:1 (2024) - Forthcoming.

'Conservative', Victorian Literature and Culture 46.3/4 Special Issue: Keywords Redux (2023), 371–374.

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'Michael Field's Philosophy Notebook', Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism 7 (2022), 87–138.

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‘Decadent Conservatism: Politics and Aesthetics in The Senate’, Journal of Victorian Culture 20: 2 (2015), 186–211

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 ‘Autoptic Film’, Cardozo Law Review 31:4 (2010), 1217–1231.

‘Jack the Ripper, The Dialectic of Enlightenment and the Search for Spiritual Deliverance in White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings’, Critical Survey 16.1, (2004) 52–66.

‘Reading London Stone: The Paradox of Material History in Representations of Contemporary London’, Literary London: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London 2.1,  (2004)


Book Chapters

'Wilde in Oxford', in The Oxford Handbook of Oscar Wilde. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2024 - in press. 

'Charlotte Mew's Silence', in Charlotte Mew: Poetics, Ecologies, Bodies. Francesca Bratton, Megan Girdwood and Fraser Riddell, eds. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023 - in press.

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‘Literary Genealogy and the Aesthetics of Critique in the Work of Iain Sinclair’ in City Visions: The Work of Iain Sinclair. Jenny Bavidge and Robert Bond, eds. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007, 68–81. 




I convene the following modules:

ENG1005 - Reading the Modern City (co-taught with Dr Tom Hulme from History)

ENG2060 - Modernism and Modernity

ENG3183 - Writing New York, 1880-1940

On the MA in English Literary Studies

ENG7362 - Decadence and the Birth of Modernism.

External Examining

I have been an External Examiner for

2019-2023 - BA English Literature,  University of Liverpool

2019-2023 - BA English, Queen Mary, University of London.

Ph.D. Supervision

I have supervised eleven PhDs to completion, seven as first supervisor, with topics including: Oscar Wilde and Colour; horticultural modernism; Joyce and Critical Theory; contemporary poetry and excavation; Victorian alternative history writing; espionage fiction and national identity; Cold War nature writing; modernism and aviation; the contemporary novel and 'big data'; a critical component for a creative writing PhD on Lesbian Historical Fiction.

I am currently primary supervisor of PhD projects on: Oscar Wilde and historiography; early Ulster modernism; Virginia Woolf and dance; Decadence and Protestantism.

I would be interested in supervising PhD students in: Decadence and Aestheticism; modernism; literature (1860-1940) and place/politics/religion.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss prospective projects.



I undertook my BA (Hons) and PhD in English Literature at the University of Melbourne. Following my studies I moved to the UK in 2006, where I was a Teaching Fellow at University College London, before working as a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature at the University of Exeter (2007-2015). In April 2015 I joined Queen's University Belfast.

Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


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