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I am currently conducting research in three areas: language assessment, parent connections related to TESOL and the use of authentic literature in second language learning classrooms.

Language Assessment

I completed a research project in Taiwan that was a joint initiative with the Taiwan Ministry of Education and the British Council. I presented the results at an international assessment conference and will be writing up the results in the form of one or two research articles.

Parent Connections Related to TESOL I have completed an article based on the term English Language Learner. This term does not acknowledge the linguistic contributions made by non-English speaking families residing in English speaking countries. I have also gathered most of the data related to a study of the linguistic landscape found on the outside of Boston public schools. The linguistic landscape can either engage or disengage families from schools.

Authentic Children's Literature- Along with a colleague, I have been examining the types of picture books which are most appropriate for use in ELT classrooms. We submitted an article to the Reading Teacher which was rejected. We are resubmitting to Young Children.


Research Focus

In an increasingly multifaceted and diverse world, much of my research has led to the development of a number of frameworks which can assist educators, policy makers and other stakeholders apply complex theoretical constructs to their practice. Below are some of these frameworks that have been developed, with others or on my own.




Essential Skills for Struggling Learners: A Framework for Student Support Teams / 2020



A set of conceptual frameworks for assisting school teams plan and deliver instruction that aligns with each child’s individual phase of development within 11 different frameworks.


Teaching How To Clarify Complex Concepts For Children Through Naturalistic Inquiry: Moving Beyond Simplification



A blueprint that illustrates how learners can formulate effective thought independently through naturalistic inquiry as well as how to think and research independently, paying particular relevance to second language acquisition.

Plain English: Applying Principles to Home School Written Communication Considering Diverse Families



A system to help individuals create effective oral and written communication, including a text assessment tool which helps professionals create written text and oral communication they send to families of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.


Globalization, Plurilingualism and Young Learners in Mexico and Beyond


A model for schools and communities wishing to identify, honour, respect, preserve and utilize the linguistic capital or language proficiency and competency that children have developed, usually outside of the classroom while at the same time developing English language skills.


Creating Taxonomies to Improve School-Home Connections with Families of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Linse, C., 2010, In : Education and Urban Society. 43, 6, p. 651-670


The home school connection taxonomy facilitates assists educators and schools examine ways to make to increase responsiveness to the culturally and linguistic diverse societies.


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