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Research Focus

Senior Lecturer (Education) within the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education in the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences.  As an anatomist, my area of subject expertise is gross anatomy.  My key areas of leadership are:

  • Academic Lead for anatomy within year 1 of the dental curriculum (2015 - present)
  • Academic lead for MSK Unit 2 within year 2 of the medical curriculum (2020- current)


  • Member of Committess that influence the strategic requirements:

• QUB ACE-CSE - MHLS Representative (2021-present)

• School Staff Council Representative in the Gender Equality Committee (2020- present)

• Member of SMDBS International Working Group (2021- present)

• Member of Y2 Medical Teaching Group (2021-present)

• Member of Stage 1 & 2 Medical Students SVC (2021-present)
• Former Chair of the Staff/Student Consultative Committee (2017-2021)
• CBMSE and Dental Centre Learning and Teaching Committees (2015-2021)
• CBSME PGT Programme Teaching and Learning Committee (2015-current)
• CBSME Scholarship and Research Committee (2015-current)
• CBSME Marketing and Recruitment Committee, CBMSE (2015-current)
• CBSME Personal Tutoring Committee (2017-current)
• CBSME Technology Committee (2020-current)
• Dental Monitoring and Concerns Committee (2015-current)
•Dental Exam Board Year 1 and Year 2 (2015-current)
•MSc in Clinical Anatomy Exam Board (2015-current)
International Student Champion/ Coordinator (2021- current)
Member of the QUB PGCHET Teaching Team and Assessors for the Module
Microteaching and Small Group Facilitation. I teach and assess candidates in the PGCHET Programme for QUB (2017- current).
International Student Mentor (2015- current)


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

External Appointments

  • In 2015, I was appointed as the Faculty of Examiners for the Intercollegiate MRCS by The Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.  In this role, I examine the candidates nationally.
  • Member of NI medical academic staff committee of the British Medical Association



  • Chosen to be the Spotlight member for BACA 3rd issue Newsletter July 2021

  • Member of NI medical academic staff committee of the British Medical Association. 2021

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Ulster Medical Journal, 2021- current

  • Member of the Editorial Board of BMC Medical Education, 2021- current
  • Visiting Professor and Guest Speaker at Weill Cornell University, NY, USA, Sept 2018 and 2019.

  • BACA Regional Ambassador 2018-current

  • Reviewer for the MSc in Anatomical Sciences Program, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, February 2019

  • Member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists Career Development Committee 2018-2021

  • Sole Anatomy Representative for the Risk Management Group of the Royal College of Surgeons

  • Member of the Periodic School Review Panel, Queen's University Belfast

  • Reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Anatomy

  • Reviewer for the BMC Medical Education
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Anatomical Sciences Education

  • Member  of the Court of Examiners for the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britian and Ireland

  • Expert Interview/Podcast: I was invited by Dr. James Pickering (University of Leeds) in 2018 to participate in an Interview as part of Anatomy Education Podcast series to talk to Anatomists around the world about my recent anatomy education publications. This podcast is at: http://anatomypodcast.libsyn.com/33-de-eiman-abdel-meguid?tdest_id=594840 and on the: anatomypodcast.co.uk, @iTunes@Stitcher@Spotify#AnatEd and #SoTL

  • Excellent standard of teaching

  • I provided an evidence-informed approach by contributing to the designing of relevant inclusive curricula with multi-model approaches and assessment methods.

  • I redesigned a high quality interactive and engaging curriculum for the dental module that enriches the students intellectually and supports their progress by excellent learning and teaching standards as evidenced by students’ and external examiner feedback. I teach anatomy with respect to its clinical orientation to prepare students to be better clinicians by implementing the clinical relevance to the basic anatomy.

  • I use various forms of assessments to test various skills. I promote the best practice that facilitates their success and motivate them to work hard to fulfil their ambitions.

  • 244 hours/year of  teaching delivery for both dental and MSc in Clinical Anatomy Students

Research Interests

My research interest is in the anatomical pedagogy, motivation to learning, teaching methodologies, assessment of teaching strategies to enhance the anatomy education and the integration of novel technologies to enhance learning

Supervisor of student projects (Undergraduates and postgraduates)
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy Dissertation: One student during the academic year 2014/2015. “Anatomical variations of intra and extra hepatic biliary system”.
  • Intercalated BSc Medical Sciences Honours Research Thesis: One student during the academic year 2015/2016 “Anatomical study of the arterial supply of the extra-biliary hepatic tree”.
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy project: One student during the academic year 2015/2016. “The sensory Anatomy of Surgical Incisions”.
  • BSc Medical Sciences Honours Research Thesis: One student during the academic year 2016/2017. “Role of triceps brachii in causing Varus Malunion after humeral shaft fracture”. This thesis is a requirement for partial fulfilment of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences.
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy projects: Two students during the academic year 2016/2017:“Surgical Anatomy of the Kidney with Special Interest in Complex Renal Vasculature and Its Implications In Surgical Procedures” and “Inguinal hernia”
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy projects. Two students during the academic year 2017/2018. "Pattern of Local Anaesthetic Spread in the External Oblique fascial plane" and "Multi vessel renal transplantation."
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy projects. Four students during the academic year 2018/2019. 
  • Spondylodiscitis: A Retrospective Review of Patients Treated at the Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital 
  • Vertebral Artery Injury in Cervical Spine Fractures: A Cohort Study and Review of the Literature
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome: Impact of surgical timing on postoperative bladder function
  • Retrospective Comparative Study of Anterior Cervical Spine Discectomy and Fusion between Stand-alone Cages and Augmented Screw Cages using Radiographic Imaging
  • MSc Clinical Anatomy projects. Four students during the academic year 2019/2020.
  • Anatomical variations of the extrahepatic biliary tree
  • A comprehensive review of the infrahyoid flap
  • Prevalence and clinical implications of Corona Mortis
  • Multi vessel renal transplantation


School Leadership

  •  Senior Fellow of Higher Education
  • Represented QUB at the Equality Conference in Manchester 29th Nov-1st Dec 2018. I provided a report about this conference which was published in the UCUNEWs of Queen’s University Belfast, January 2018.
  • Member of the QUB PGCHET Teaching Team for the Module Microteaching and Small Group Facilitation on the 23rd January 2019, 5th September 2018, 24th January 2018 and 13th September 2017.

  Feedback from the Program Coordinator: “The students and I very much appreciate your help and your efforts to make these sessions a success!”

  • My publications were referenced in Queen’s University Belfast newsletter "Reflection", December 2018 in an article about interactive teaching methods.

Quotes from the author:  “Dr Eiman Abdel Meguid is a very well informed contributor to my recent article in the Reflections publication – she has researched extensively in the area of Pedagogy– and as such her work was a must for inclusion in the Reflections article on University Higher Education”.

  • Successful organization of seminar series with guest speakers 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19

 The seminar series offered chances for staff in the Centre and wider School to debate issues related to the field, share experience and exchange perspectives

  • Medical Students’ Recruitment Multiple Mini Reviews (MMI) 2017-current
  • Coordinator of undergraduate and postgraduate modules and supervisor of UG/PG students' projects from 2015-current
  • Promotion of School at Open Days, UG & PG recruitment events including the Greeting Session for International Students “Into event” from 2015-current
  • Mentor for Postdoctoral staff and a Mentor in the Queen’s Gender Initiative Scheme

I enjoyed sharing my experience in teaching and research. I helped my mentee in widening their networking to support their smooth progression in their career. I worked on strengthening their opportunities to share practices, ideas and discussions.

  • Early adoption of Canvas
  • Promotion of School at AACA conferences (USA)
  • Active Member of the Research Ethics Committees 2015-2019. Through this important role, I ensure that the ethical standards and scientific merit of research involving human subjects are met and that research meets the high ethical and scientific standards expected by the School. The membership of the REC had decreased during 2017/18 and this resulted in the remaining members having to take an additional applications to comment on, approximately 4/6 applications/month.
  • Taking an active role in ongoing discussions about strategies for enhancing module delivery at the Learning and Teaching Committees 2015-current


Centre Leadership

My leadership roles have helped me to make a positive contribution to the administrative function and decision-making process within the Centre as well as more widely as indicated below:


  • International Student Champion/Coordinator since July 2021

  •  Chair of CBMSE Student Voice Committee and Champion for the Students’ Voice 2017-2021

 Actions taken:

 I have improved the ‘Student Voice’ by enhancing the effectiveness of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee/Student Voice Committee, and ensuring that student opinion is heard at the Learning & Teaching Committee by enhancing the student-staff communication across all aspects of the education process.

  1. Produced a video to encourage students to nominate themselves for the Course Rep role. Here is the link to this video Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education, Student Voice Committee.

    Promoted the Student Voice within the Centre by conducting two focus groups (30th Jan 2018/19 and Feb 2017/18) to promote students’ voice and encourage their participation and engagement and collect their feedback on the education process. The outcome of these activities was circulated to all academics and further actions were undertaken. These were also analysed in depth at an ‘Away Day’ with staff and students at Riddell Hall on 22June 2018 to review the organisation of the programmes.
  2. Ensured that the student body has representatives in the Student Voice Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee and  Health & Safety Committee
  3. Ensured that student issues from module evaluations, first year and second year experience surveys, the National Student Survey and SSCC are brought to the attention of the Learning & Teaching Committee and the Centre Board
  4. Ensured that the outcomes of Student Voice Committee and L&T Committees and the Centre's response to FYE, SYE and NSS are reported back to students
  5. Ensured that students have had the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes to the programmes.
  6. Promoted the Student Voice by ensuring the student body has representatives appointed according to protocols of the Students' Union. In the beginning of every academic year, I liaise with the Student officer for Education and the SU Student Voice about raising student awareness of joining SSCC and encouraging future recruitment.
  7. Recruited additional student representatives to adjust staff/student membership ratio of the SSCC by actively encouraging students to sign up as Course Reps through promotion of the benefits of SSCC involvement and Degree Plus recognition.
  8. Developed a SSCC handbook for use as a student resource
  9. Engaged Course Reps in developing a handover document which includes details of the activities they have undertaken, including hints and tips to the next person taking on this role next year (one page reflection on their time as representatives) to motivate and encourage students to nominate themselves for the role of Course Reps in the next academic year.
  10. Dates of the meetings were aligned with the academic board meetings and the Learning and Teaching Committee meetings
  11. The email of Course Reps has been given to all students after taking their consent. Students were able to contact their Course Reps easily. Following Student Voice Committee meetings, all students receive an email including the responses from their module coordinators about issues raised in the Student Voice Committee meeting.
  • Personal Tutor
  • International Student Mentor 

Faculty/University Leadership 

  • Member of the QUB PGCHET Teaching Team and Assessors for the Module Microteaching and Small Group Facilitation (2017- current). I teach and assess candidates in the PGCHET Programme for QUB 
  • Panel Member of the Periodic School Review (2018-current) This Panel focuses on the maintenance of quality and standards of educational provision 
  • Member of the Faculty PPI Group (Public and Personal Involvement) group (2018/19)
  • Member of the University Task and Finish Group (main task: Learning Support/Student Experience)(2017/18)
  • QUB Staff Representative in the Equality Conference held in Manchester on the 29th November 2018 - 1st Dec 2018



Prizes/recognition of excellence as reflective educator


Prize of excellence in Research from Taif University, Saudi Arabia, May 2014.



Member in the School Research Ethics Committee 2015-2019

Member of the Learning and Teaching Committee of CBMSE

Member of the Exam Board Committee, CBMSE

Member of the PGT Programme Teaching and Learning Committee

Member of the Dental Teaching and Learning Committee, Queen’s University Belfast

Member of the Dental Exam Board Committee

Member of the PGT Exam Board

Internal Examiner for MSc Students at QUB



Chair of Staff/student Consultative Committee

Member of the Research Ethics Committee



Successful applications for  Departmental Seminar grants related to pedagogy/scholarly activity

 A) From the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland  

Dr Cecilia Brassett, University of Cambridge was invited to the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education at QUB. She delivered a seminar“Augmented Anatomy: Benefits of a dissection based anatomy teaching course” on the 16th May 2016.

B) From the Physiological Society, Physiological Society Seminar Series

In collaboration with colleague, we received a Departmental Seminar Scheme grant from the Physiological society.

Dr. Prof Prem Kumar:  Prof. of Physiological Science and Head of the Institute of Clinical Sciences at Birmingham and also the Director of Education for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences delivered a talk on January 20th, 2017." I don’t know what it is, but I’ll recognise it when I see it”

 Dr. Claire Smith: Head of Anatomy at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and a research lead for Medical Education delivered a talk on the 16th February 2017. “Creating Meaning in Teaching and the use of 3D printing”

 C)     The Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) Award from the Department for the Economy (DfE) for a pilot study  (Societal Leadership role to serve the Community in a developing country)

Investigators: Marina-Stephania Giannakaki (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work) Eiman Abdel Meguid (CBMSE), Javid Jafarov (Kaspi Education Company, Azerbijan).

 “Reducing gender inequality in educational leadership positions in Azerbaijan to advance socio-economic development in the country”

Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG 5 - Gender Equality
  • SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities


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