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James Bright

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Thesis: ‘digital phenomenology’: interrogating the experience of diachronic ritual landscapes through combined remote sensing, 3D reconstruction and virtual reality modelling.

This project will harness the potential of 3D models and virtual reality to establish new insights into the prehistoric developments of selected ostensible ‘royal sites’ in Ireland. Utilising a multidisciplinary approach, it will digitally record and survey areas of interest using UAV drones, gather and use pre-existing remote sensing data and critically assess current excavated materials and plans of excavated sites. This will enable creation of a visually and spatially accurate virtual landscape in which interpreted 3D models of structures can be created and placed in order to generate an empirically centred dataset for cognitive approaches.

Combining the potential of 3D reconstruction as an analytical tool to existing methods of recording and analysis (e.g. GIS) can significantly enhance holistic interpretation of monuments, structures and landscape at the ‘royal-sites’, helping to more clearly define the use of space, light, and construction materials, as well as how buildings and their associated landscapes were experienced, changed over time, collapsed or were destroyed. The research will challenge traditional phenomenological approaches, using virtual reality to examine the impact of the structures within the landscape.