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Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

I am open to PhD applications in the fields of: - Development of ionic liquids for sustainable and green chemistry applied to catalysis, separations, and energy applications. - Use of neutron scattering/isotopic substitution to study disordered (liquid and glassy) materials.

1993 …2020

Research output per year

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Research Output


Glycidol Preparation

Atkins, M., Coleman, F., Holbrey, J., Seddon, K., Delavoux, Y., Toland, J. & Yan, T., 12 Feb 2015, IPC No. C07D 301/02 (2006.01), Patent No. WO2015/019108, Priority date 08 Aug 2013, Priority No. 1314257.5

Research output: Patent


Process for removing metals from hydrocarbons by using ionic liquids

Srinivasan, G., Seddon, K., Holbrey, J., Nockemann, P., Atkins, M., Abai, M., Kuah, Y. & Zou, Y., Apr 2012, IPC No. C10G 21/06 (2006.01), Patent No. WO 2012046057, US20170037323, 10138432, 9447335, US20140001100,

Research output: Patent


Ionic liquid solvents of perhalide type for metals for extraction radioactive metals from mineral ores.

Rogers, R. D. & Holbrey, J., 14 Oct 2010, Patent No. WO2010116167A1

Research output: Patent

Process for removing metals from hydrocarbons.

Rogers, R. D., Holbrey, J. & Rodriguez Martinez, H., 14 Oct 2010, Patent No. WO2010116165A2

Research output: Patent


Process for the preparation of water-soluble cellulose hydrolysis products.

Fanselow, M., Holbrey, J., Seddon, K. R., Vanoye, L. & Zheng, A., 12 Mar 2009, Patent No. WO2009030949A1

Research output: Patent

Process for the preparation of water-soluble cellulose hydrolysis products.

Holbrey, J., Fanselow, M., Seddon, K. R., Vanoye, L. & Zheng, A., 12 Mar 2009, Patent No. WO2009030950A1

Research output: Patent


Ionic liquid reconstituted cellulose composites as solid support matrices with good transparency for biocatalytic reaction.

Rogers, R. D., Daly, D. T., Turner, M. B., Spear, S. K. & Holbrey, J. D., 11 Jan 2007, Patent No. WO2007005388A2

Research output: Patent

Ionic liquids and their use in extraction processes.

Holbrey, J. D. & Mullan, C. L., 14 Nov 2007, Patent No. EP1854786A1

Research output: Patent


Method for separating emulsions.

Anderson, K., Fanselow, M. & Holbrey, J. D., 14 Dec 2006, Patent No. WO2006131699A1

Research output: Patent


Ionic liquids containing secondary hydroxyl-groups and a method for their preparation.

Holbrey, J. B., Turner, M. B. & Rogers, R. D., 24 Mar 2005, Patent No. WO2005026179A1

Research output: Patent

Polymer dissolution and blend formation in ionic liquids.

Holbrey, J. D., Swatloski, R. P., Chen, J., Daly, D. & Rogers, R. D., 20 Oct 2005, Patent No. WO2005098546A2

Research output: Patent


Regenerated cellulose matrix-encapsulated active substances and method therefor.

Holbrey, J. D., Spear, S. K., Turner, M. B., Swatloski, R. P. & Rogers, R. D., 26 Feb 2004, Patent No. US20040038031A1

Research output: Patent


Dissolution and processing of cellulose using ionic liquids, cellulose solution, and regenerating cellulose.

Swatloski, R. P., Rogers, R. D. & Holbrey, J. D., 10 Apr 2003, Patent No. WO2003029329A2

Research output: Patent