Marc Richards


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    United Kingdom

Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Syntax and/or morphology (theoretical, comparative, minimalist/generative)
- Cross-linguistic variation and its formal modelling in minimalist grammars
- Diachronic linguistics and language change from a formal perspective (especially Principles-and-Parameters Theory)
- Generative approaches to first/child language acquisition (please note: I cannot supervise applied/pedagogical projects in second language teaching, TESOL/EFL, etc.)


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Research Focus

My research primarily focuses on generative syntactic theory and the interfaces of syntax with systems of thought (interpretation) and sound/gesture (externalization). I work within Noam Chomsky's Minimalist Program, whose aim is to develop theories of the human language capacity that are not only descriptively and explanatorily adequate but also responsible to biolinguistic questions of evolutionary plausibility. My work therefore places an emphasis on such conceptual considerations as simplicity, economy and optimal design. I also work on comparative and diachronic syntax, with particular interests in the Germanic and Slavonic languages.


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