Personal profile


Mary graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in 2004 with a BA in Drama Studies. She then completed a 6-month training course at the Grand Opera House, Belfast in Lighting, Sound and Stage Management. 

Mary stayed on for a further two years as a Lighting and Sound Technician, gaining experience through the intensive production work required for all the touring shows that came to the GOH. 

In 2006 Mary then moved to a full-time permanent position within the Brian Friel Theatre at Queen’s University. Also maintaining a casual position at the GOH because of her love of Theatre. 

As Theatre Technician at the BFT, Mary is responsible for all technical aspects of the theatre as well as all creative technical production support for the student and local theatre company performances and teaching. 

Mary’s main interest and skills are in lighting, as well as rigging, programming and designing, she has worked on numerous theatre productions, special projects, media, corporate and experimental events.