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Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

I am open to PhD projects related to the area of (stochastic/probabilistic) model checking and generally formal methods such as but not limited to - very large or infinitely large models (using state-space truncation, finite-state projection, (multi-terminal) binary decision diagrams (BDDs), satisfiability modulo theories (SMT), and similar approaches) - analysis of parametric and interval Markov models - stochastic parity games - stochastic hybrid (discrete-continuous) systems - efficient algorithms for deciding linear time logic properties (omega-regular properties) - learning of Markov models - real-world applications of such methods

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Engineering & Materials Science

Model checking
Markov processes
Hybrid systems
Binary decision diagrams
Computer viruses
Stochastic models
Wireless sensor networks
Chemical analysis
Statistical Models
Reinforcement learning
Discrete event simulation
Reliability analysis
Electric network analysis
Computer networks
Rational functions
Parallel algorithms
Data structures
Data storage equipment
Surface mount technology
Chemical reactions
Numerical methods


Model Checking
Markov Decision Process
Regular Expressions
Markov chain
Multiple Objectives
Parametric Model
Hybrid Systems
Stochastic Systems
Probabilistic Model
Markov Model