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It is estimated that childfree individuals (people who do not plan to or want to have children) account for 20% of the population. Historically, some people considered the choice not to have children a deviant act, thus childfree individuals have been subjected to stigma and continue to be perceived more negatively than parents. Social support can play an important role in managing and mitigating the effects of stigma. My PhD will explore social networks, social support, wellbeing and adjustment, and identity disclosure in childfree individuals. This will involve a review of the current literature regarding social networks and support for different groups of non-parents (not-yet parents, childless and childfree), egocentric network analysis, analysis of related wellbeing outcomes, and an investigation into reasons for identity (non-)disclosure. Further analysis will investigate how these aspects differ for different age groups, with a focus on older childfree adults given the important role children have in supporting their parents later in life.