Simon Waters


  • Room 02.032 - Sonic Arts Research Centre

    United Kingdom

1980 …2020

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Selected text publications:

‘Touching at a distance: Resistance, tactility, proxemics and the development of a hybrid virtual/physical performance system’ in Contemporary Music Review 32:2-3(2013) 119-134

‘Charles Nicholson and the London Flute Market in the early Nineteenth Century’ in Galpin Society Journal 64 (2011) 67-78 and 184 -7

‘Editorial: Performance Ecosystems’ in Organised Sound 16(2) (2011) 95-96

 ‘Content and Discontent’ in Performing Technology: User Content and the New Digital Media ed. Schroeder, F. (Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009) 143-157  ISBN 1-4438-1445-8

‘The VPFI (Virtual/Physical Feedback Instrument) Flute: A Performance Ecosystem’ at

‘Performance Ecosystems: Ecological approaches to musical interaction’ in EMS-07 Proceedings at (Electroacoustic Music Studies Network, 2007) 20pp

‘Making the archive/archiving the making’ in Organised Sound 11(2) (2006) 149-153

‘Thinking the unheard: Hybrid thought in musical practice’ in Monks, J. and Gullström-Hughes, R (eds) Hybrid Thought (Milton Keynes, Open University, 2003) 163-189

‘The musical process in the age of digital intervention’, in ARiADA Texts 1 (December 2000):

‘Beyond the acousmatic: Hybrid tendencies in electroacoustic music’, in Emmerson, S (ed) Music, Electronic Media and Culture (Aldershot, Ashgate, 2000) 56-83  ISBN 0-7546-0109-9

Beyond the Acousmatic: Hybrid tendencies in electroacoustic music (Stockholm, International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music, 1997) ISBN 91-630-5390-X

Living Without Boundaries: Challenging conventional artform constraints within education (Bath, BCHE Press, 1994) 'Timbre Composition: Ideology, metaphor and social process', in Contemporary Music Review 10/2 (1994) 129-134  (Harwood Academic Publ)

South West Arts Research Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Arts: Interim Report (ACGB, 1993)

'The Sonogram: A tool for the visual apprehension and analysis of sonic material', in Sonus (New York, 1992)

'The Sonogram: A Tool for the Documentation of Musical Structure' (with Tamas Ungvary), in Ex Tempore Vol.6 No 1 Fall 1992 (Christian University, Texas, 1992) pp.22-49

‘The Sonogram: A Tool for Visual Documentation of Musical Structure’ (with Tamas Ungvary) Report 4/89 (K.A.C.O.R./E.M.S., Stockholm, 1989)

‘The Sonogram: A Tool for Visual Documentation of Musical Structure’ (with Tamas Ungvary) in Proceedings of the 1990 International Computer Music Conference (Computer Music Association, San Francisco, 1990)

'Nuntius: A computer system for the interactive composition and analysis of music and dance' (with T. Ungvary & P. Rajka), in Leonardo Vol.25 No 1. [International Society for the Arts & Science] (Oxford, Pergamon, 1992) pp.59-68

The Scollar Project: Southern Arts Collaborative Arts in Schools Project: A Summative Evaluation. (Winchester, Southern Arts, 1992)

Graphic Analysis of Structural Function in Music KACOR Research Report (Stockholm, KTH/EMS, 1989)



Conferences & visiting affiliations(selected)

2013 (Nov) Keynote speaker, ‘What is Sound Design’ Conference, Edinburgh University - ‘Inhabiting Sound’

2013 (Oct) Guest Lecturer, School of Arts & Cultures, Newcastle University - ‘Inhabiting Sound’

2013 (Jul) Speaker/Panelist, ‘Music, Digitisation, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies’, Oxford University – ‘Engendering Hope’

2013 (Jun) Chair/Respondent, ‘Music Moves: Exploring Musical Meaning ThroughSpatiality, Difference, Framing and Transformation’ Symposium, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen.

2013 (April) Chair/Curator, ‘Two Thousand and Thirteen’ Symposium: ‘Beyond Soundscape’, Queen’s University Belfast

2013 (April) Keynote/Panelist, British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference ‘Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age’, Queen’s University Belfast - ‘Digital (Ethno)musicology’

2012 (Dec) Speaker, Music and/as Process Symposium, University of Surrey – ‘A dynamic(al) performance system: the hybrid Virtual/Physical Feedback Flute.’

2012 (Nov) Invited guest lecturer, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen - ‘Hacking the Discipline: Interdisciplinary Issues in Contemporary Musical Thought’

2012 (April) Invited Composer/performer, Retrospective concert: Simon Waters, Sonic Arts series, University of East Anglia, Norwich AfterImage, Drift, Melt, Folly (World Premiere), Rotary/Lateral (Rondo)

2012 (Mar) Chair, ‘Two Thousand and Twelve’ Symposium: ‘The Body’s Music’, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

2012 (Jan) Speaker, SPEEC (Symposium for Performance of Electronic and Experimental Music) Oxford University, Faculty of Music - ‘Touching at a Distance: Building an Instrument’

2011 (Sept) Speaker, CIM11 (Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology) Glasgow (with Dr Férdia Stone-Davis) -‘Repetition and Identity’.

2011 (July) Invited Composer/Performer ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) Huddersfield University Rotary/Lateral (Rondo)

2011 (July) Invited Speaker ICMSN7/LancMAC (International Conference on Music since 1900/Music Analysis Conference, Lancaster University) - ‘A Performance Ecosystem’

2010 (Oct) Invited guest lecturer, Bruckner University, Linz, Austria

2010 (Oct) Invited Composer/performer, Ars Electronic Centre, Linz, Austria - Rotary/Lateral (Rondo)

2010 (Apr) Keynote speaker, LLEAPP symposium, Newcastle University

2009 (Jul) Speaker, Making the British Sound (Conference of Galpin Society), Edinburgh University - ‘Charles Nicholson and the London Flute Market in the early Nineteenth Century’

2009 (May) Keynote speaker, LLEAPP symposium, Edinburgh University

2009 (April) Speaker, ‘Two Thousand and Nine’ Symposium, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

2008 (Oct) Invited guest lecturer, Bristol University - ‘Touching at a distance: Music's virtual tactility and proxemics’

2008 (Aug) Curator (and Reviewer), ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) and Sonorities Festival SARC, Belfast (Aug 08)

2008 (Jun) Speaker and chair, EMS08 (Sorbonne, Paris/INA, Paris) ‘Sound structures, social structures, technical structures: Changing practices and behaviours in a UK university studio 1973-2008’

2008 (Mar) Speaker, Sonic Imagery Symposium, De Montfort University

2007 (Nov) Performer (VPFI flute) ‘Performance Ecosystems’ Aurora Festival, Norwich Arts Centre

2007 (June) Chair and performer (VPFI flute) Music and/as Right Action Conference (the second ‘Music and Ethics’ conference), University of East Anglia

2007 (April) Speaker at Sonorities 2007 Symposium, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast ‘Proximity and Presence’

2006 (Jun) VPFI flute performance at ‘Faster than Sound’ – Aldeburgh Festival, Bentwaters Airbase

2006 (April) Speaker at Sonorities 2006 Symposium, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast ‘Performance Ecosystems: Ecological approaches to musical interaction’

2006 (Feb) Curator ‘Negotiating the piano’ concert (featuring Sebastian Lexer, Shigeto Wada, David Plans-Casal) Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

2006 (Jan-Feb) Artist in residence – Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast

2005 (Nov) Speaker UEA Tectrim i10 convention ‘Dissenting design: Interface and Interactivity’

2005 (Oct) Performer (VPFI flute) ‘Circuits of Malpractice’ – performance/web broadcast for EPSRC project ‘Interactivity, Ubiquitous Technology and Music Performance’

2005 (Oct) Speaker at EMS05 (McGill University, Montreal) ‘Making the archive/archiving the making’

2005 (Sept) Performer (VPFI flute) & speaker British Academy Festival of Science, Dublin Institute of Technology

2005 (Jul) Speaker at International Network for Electroacoustic Preservation, INA-GRM-Radio France leading to establishment (2005 Dec) of a major bid to EU funding co-ordinated by Daniel Teruggi (GRM-Radio France) with Simon Waters (UEA), Ludger Brümmer (ZKM Karlsrühe), Yann Geslin (Radio France) and Leigh Landy (DeMontfort University) as co-directors.

2005 (May) Performer (VPFI flute) Sonorities 05 Festival, SARC Belfast with Nic Collins, Jonathan Impett, Cesar Villavicencio

2005 (March) Guest Lecture University of Edinburgh School of Arts, Culture and Environment: ‘Contiguities between composition and performance in ‘technologised’ musical practice’

2004 (April) Keynote speaker at Technologies of Culture Symposium, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast ‘Colliding bodies of knowledge – (aspects of) hybrid thought in musical practice’

2003 Member of the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) Reading Panel

2003 (August) Chair, International Conference on Music and Gesture. University of East Anglia.

2003 (August) Keynote speaker at Festival Garage, Stralsund, Germany ‘Kunst ohne Rezept’

2002 (December) Keynote speaker ‘Hybrid Thought’ conference hosted by Department of Architecture KTH (Royal Technical University) Stockholm.

2001 (July) Instigator, Director and Performer: Hybrids Festival/Conference (with Sonic Arts Network) 28 performances, workshops and lectures on 4 stages over 3 days at UEA

1999 (October) Curator/performer in concerts/events at Ultima Festival, Oslo.

1998 (October) Keynote address International Seminar on Digital Aesthetics/Man, Music, Machine Ultima Festival, Oslo.

1999 (April) Keynote address to Oxford University’s Beyond art? Digital culture in the Twenty-first century Colloquium, Oxford Union

1997 Curator, performer, lecturer, workshop leader Fylkingen, Stockholm‘Diffusion’

1997 Guest Lecturer at KTH (Royal Technical University), Department of Architecture, Stockholm

1994-1997 Board of Directors of Sonic Arts Network

1994 (June) Course leader for composition/choreography courses for British Council/Moving Academy of Performing Arts in Zagreb

1994 Guest Professor at Institute for Electroacoustic and Experimental Music, Hochschule für Musik, Vienna

1993 (April) Speaker at City University 3rd Science and Music Conference.

1993 (March) Director of and delegate at Symposium on Interdisciplinarity in the Arts, Corsham.

      (SouthWest Arts/Bath College of H.E./Southern Arts)

1990-93 Speaker and delegate in 'Dialogue Seminar' series, Norwich & Stockholm (UEA-Centre for Creative & Performing Arts; Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm; KTH -Royal Technical University, Stockholm)



Compositions (selected):

Folly (2012) voice flute (baroque tenor recorder in D), live electronics, fixed media and wine glasses - premiered by Férdia Stone-Davis, Sonic Arts concert series, Norwich, April 2012

Rotary/Lateral (Rondo) (2010) cello, wine glasses and electronics - premiered by Anton Lukoszevieze at Ars Electronica Center, Linz, October 2010

Proxemics: The World is a Deaf Machine (2006) Multi-channel installation - A response to the sculpture of Ian Tyson and the architecture of Lasdun and Foster - premiered Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts Norwich Nov 2006

Melt (2006) for marimba and real-time sound processing - premiered by Amelia Puga-Iglesias, University of East Anglia June 2006

Trace (2000) clarinet, piano and concealed CD player - King of Hearts Arts Centre Norwich for Colin Lawson & Peter Hill

Drift (variant) (1999) tape - Ultima Festival, Oslo, October 1999

Time to consider (1996) solo harpsichord - Eastern Arts/Norwich & Norfolk Festival/The King of Hearts Arts Centre Norwich for Jane Chapman

AfterImage (1993) baroque flute, tape - ACGB/Sonic Arts Network for Huddersfield International Contemporary Music Festival

Unearthing (1993) tape

Drift (1992) tape - nominated Prix Leonce Petitot, NOROIT, Arras, France CD release (INA-GRM)

Frame (1992) soprano sax, bass clarinet, tape - for Simon Atkinson & Julian Siegel

Inside/out (1990/1) tape - commissioned ORF (Austrian Radio), Wien

Joculatore (1990) tape - Eastern Arts for Stephen Mottram (marionettist)

Alive and Kicking (1989-90) mezzo, piano, double bass & tape - Garden Venture, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and Dartington College

Plateau (1988/revised1990) tape  - commissioned Adventures in Motion Pictures, for Dance Umbrella Festival, London

Animata (1988) commissioned for marionettist Stephen Mottram

Suspended Animation 4 (1987) tape

Dipping Wings (1986) instrumental sextet (fl/afl, clt/bsclt, tpt, vla, vc, perc) - commissioned Ballet Rambert

Suspended Animation 2 (1985-6) tape - commissioned Ballet Rambert

Interiors (1984-5) tape - commissioned ICA Musica series

Dangerous Liaisons (1982-3) tape - honourable mention Bourges Festival, France Choreographed by Richard Alston for Ballet Rambert

Wastes (1983) percussion & tape - Welsh Arts Council, for Cwmni Dawns Gwylan

Isorhythms (1980) for four amplified voices (SSAA)

Passages (1980-1) tape - St Johns Smith Square

Marloes (1979) for large ensemble and blindfolded ambulant audience, Nottingham University

Cawfields (1978) Site-specific installation (after Richard Long), Cawfields Quarry, Northumberland


Performances of compositions throughout Britain and in Sweden, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Poland, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Germany, Finland, Norway.

Radio and TV broadcasts in UK, France, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and Greece.


Professional academic employment

1988-90 Research Associate of KACOR (Kineto-Audiological Communication   Research Group) at KTH (Royal Technical Univ.) Stockholm.

1991-3 South West Arts Research Fellow in Interactive Arts at Bath College of Higher     Education (full-time).

      Visiting Lecturer in Theoretical Studies, Norfolk Institute of Art & Design.

1993-4 Lecturer in Music (part-time) at Bath College of Higher Education.

      Visiting Lecturer in Cultural Studies, Norfolk Institute of Art and Design.

1994-July 2006 Lecturer in Music (full-time) and Director of Electroacoustic Studios

      at University of East Anglia.

Aug 2006-Aug 2012 Senior Lecturer in Music (full-time) Head of Research (Music) and Director of          Electroacoustic Studios at University of East Anglia

Sept 2012-present Lecturer in Creative Arts (Sonic Arts), Queen’s University Belfast


External examiner Royal College of Music (PhD) 2013

External examiner Brunel University (PhD) 2012

External examiner London Metropolitan University (PhD) 2011

External examiner Goldsmiths College (PhD) 2007

External examiner Edinburgh University (PhD) 1996 (MSc Sound Design. MSc Digital    Composition and Performance) 2005-9

External examiner University of Wales Gwent: Centre for Advanced Enquiry into the Interactive Arts (PhD) 1999, 2000

External examiner York University (MSc, MMus) 1999, 2000, 2001 (PhD Electronics) 2003

External examiner Newcastle University (MA) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

External examiner Birmingham University (MMus, MPhil) 2004, 2005

External examiner City University (PhD) 2005

External examiner Queen’s University Belfast – SARC (PhD) 2006, 2011

External examiner De Montfort Univ (MA by Independent Study, MA) 2006-11

External validation panel for new courses at Norwich School of Art & Design, Colchester Institute, Bath Spa University  2000, 2001, 2003


International Review panel - Leonardo Music Journal (2011-date)

International Review panel - International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media (2011-date)

International Review panel - Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (2010)

International Review panel - Computer Music Journal (2010)

Reviewer - Austrian Science Fund: FWF (2009)

Guest Editor - Organised Sound (2010-11)

Peer Review College - AHRC (2006-2013)

Curator - ‘Sonic Arts’ Concert series, UEA, Norwich (1994-2012)

Artistic Director - Sonorities Festival (2012-date)


Professional Awards (excluding commissions)

1983 (Jun) Bourges Festival (France). Hon Mention for Dangerous Liaisons

1985 (Oct-Nov) Hinrichsen Foundation Scholarship to work with 'Chant' voice simulation programme at EMS Stockholm

1986 ACGB Bursary for Electro-acoustic music

1987-8 RVW Trust (London) Bursary to work at EMS Stockholm and GES Vierzon (France) for six months

1989-90 ACGB Bursary for Electro-acoustic music, and to co-direct an experimental improvisation workshop

1991 (Nov) Noroit (Arts Foundation), Arras (France). Drift nominated for Prix Léonce Petitot

1993 (Oct) Shortlisted nominee for Paul Hamlyn Foundation Composition Award - Oct 1993

1994-1997 Board of Directors of Sonic Arts Network

2000-2003 AHRB Research Grant (£ 143000 - three years) SARA - Sonic Arts Research Archive / ARiADA – Applied Research in Aesthetics in the Digital Arts - principal investigator

2003-4 EPSRC Research Grant (£ 35000 - one year) Interactivity, Ubiquitous Technology and Music Performance  - co-applicant


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