An Evaluation of the Joint Post-Primary‘Post Graduate Certificate in Education: Main Subject with Special Education and Inclusion (PGCE with SEN and Inclusion)’ by the Schools of Education at Queen’s University Belfast and University of Ulster 2011-2012

  • Smith, R.A.L. (Recipient)

Prize: Other distinction


The Education and Training Inspectorate reported on its evaluation of the School's PGCE pilot programme, undertaken in collaboration with the University of Ulster (UU), to develop students' knowledge and skills in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and inclusion. The project within Queen's was led by Dr Ron Smith who is delighted that the findings of the evaluation are excellent. One quote from the report states: "The project has achieved, to a high level, its key aims of improving the student teachers' knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to teaching pupils identified as having a wide range of SEN."
Granting OrganisationsEducation and Training Inspectorate