Eaton Fellowship 2015/16

  • Johnston, Derek (Recipient)

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


This Fellowship will incorporate the presentation of a lecture at each of the two sites of the University of New Brunswick: Fredericton and St John, based on my research into seasonal broadcast horror and the migration of narrative traditions. It will also involve formal and informal meetings intended to further develop relationships between the University of New Brunswick and Queen's University. These may lead to future collaborations in teaching and research. In particular, the Fellowship will also allow for developing research into two projects: the current project on seasonal broadcasting and seasonal narratives, and a future project on connections between British and Canadian media currently in the early stages of development. Research into the latter will include a week spent at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation archives in Toronto.
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of New Brunswick


  • Broadcasting history
  • Cultural History
  • Cultural studies
  • Canada