FIELD PROJECT: Northeast Algonquin Palaeo-Lake Environmental Assessment (Ontario, Canada)

  • Rabett, Ryan (Recipient)

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


    A multi-proxy study of changing environmental conditions during the late recessional phases of pro-glacial Lake Algonquin and thereafter in the vicinity of the North Bay outlet, Great Lakes Basin. Primary data for this project comes from a new 10,600 calendar year sedimentary profile obtained from a wet kettle lake c. 34 km north-east of the city of North Bay, Ontario in 2011. The key objectives are to contribute chronological resolution to the largely undated Post-Algonquin lake phases; and to examine the effect of lake fluctuation and climate change on the stability and productivity of the local landscapes, the context for Late Palaeoindian (Eastern Plano) pioneering settlement of north-eastern Ontario. Key collaborating institutions: Queen’s University Belfast, University of Waterloo, University of Cambridge.
    Granting OrganisationsD.M. McDonald Grants and Awards Fund