Jeffrey Cook Award

  • Abdelmonem, Mohamed Gamal (Recipient)

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


    The Jeffrey Cook award is given to a scholar for his research work on traditional environments at the IASTE conference: the author of the best paper written by a scholar receives an award of $1,200 and, after appropriate review and possible revision, the paper is published in the Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. The paper should be concerned with the subject of traditional dwellings and settlements in a manner that challenges traditional scholarship on the subject and engages spatial analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Award is judged through blind peer review by the appointed committee of scholars. it is a bi-annual honors presented by the high profile International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE)
    Granting OrganisationsInternational Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE)