Monash University Faculty Granger & Cottman Endowment Fund 2014

  • Shortall, S. (Recipient)

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The project: the theory and practice of rural proofing: Both Alston (2014) and Shortall (2014) have recently published articles on gender mainstreaming – Alston in relation to climate change, Shortall in relation to the European Union. During Shortall’s visit, Alston and Shortall will use their knowledge of gender mainstreaming to examine a similar policy, rural proofing (or in effect, rural ‘mainstreaming’). Shortall has already done some research on this for the Northern Ireland Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It is implemented in the UK but not yet in Australia. It is a very complicated and costly policy development. Shortall and Alston will examine the theory and practice of rural proofing. This will have both scholarly and practical benefits. It will contribute to the existing body of knowledge on policy formation and it will also inform policy and practice. The research is timely, because Australia is still in the process of considering whether or not to implement this policy. This will have the following outputs: • A theoretical and applied examination of rural proofing resulting in a high level published journal article • Shortall and Alston will meet with The Australian Ministry of Primary Industries to discuss the merits and demerits of a rural proofing policy • Shortall will present a paper on rural proofing at Monash University • Shortall will present a paper on rural proofing at Deakin University • It will further embed relationships between Monash University and Queen’s University Belfast, one of the UK Russell Group Universities
Granting OrganisationsMonash University