Nomination - Queen's Teaching Awards 2021 - Student-nominated category

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The Queen’s Teaching Awards scheme includes a Student-nominated category through which students can nominate teaching staff to apply for an Award. Queen's received a nomination from a number of Niall's students. Their nominating statements were as follows: Niall should apply for a teaching award because he is always there for the students, making himself available morning or evening with replying to anyone who has any queries. He is extremely supportive and reassuring- takes all ideas on board and let’s you know his own without being suggestive. His feedback is well written and easy to comprehend, feeling like you learn something from it. Even though the module should have been heavily team work/ field work based, we still managed to achieve very high marks this year due to Niall’s support and encouragement. He is always very positive and very easy to talk to. Niall has been absolutely fantastic throughout this year. From day one of our GGY3065 Geography at Work module, Niall has been so supportive! There is nothing he isn’t willing to try and help us with, giving us advice and support every step of the way. Given we completed our research projects virtually, it made communication and teamwork more challenging. Despite this, Niall has been fantastic, communicating clearly and timely with us every week, meeting with us as groups and individually where needed and never failing to help us connect with others in our field. We honestly could not have asked for a better supervisor & module coordinator. Feedback from Niall has always been constructive, whether it be written or verbal. He has been very passionate about each of our projects and remained positive throughout the year. We cannot thank him enough for supporting us this year. We truly believe he deserves recognition for the fantastic work he does throughout the Geography department & the wider SNBE. He is a credit to himself and QUB. We would have been lost this year without him. Thank you, Niall!
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsQueen's University Belfast, United Kingdom