QUB Engaged Research Fund for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) £2782.00

  • Palmer, Mark (Recipient), Ireland, Joseph (Recipient), Ofterdinger, Ulrich (Recipient) & Zhang, Min (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


To support the decarbonisation of heat through the dissemination of knowledge on policy options for the geothermal sector in NI.

1)To translate our research for a wide audience in an accessible way to multiple energy stakeholders at the #geothermalweek conference in June 2022;
2)To strengthen academic partnership with the (NI) Department for Economy and the Geological Survey of NI in a just energy market transition;
3)To build policy awareness with local councils across NI to raise awareness through dissemination of geothermal technology policy options;
4)To increase dialogue with how local government can use circular economy thinking, LZC Technologies to manage the risk and volatile energy costs and the role of geothermal technology in that activity.

Engaged Research funding stream, QUB to assist colleagues and partners working on addressing and delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

£ 2782.00