Understanding the individual, organizational, and system factors influencing the integration of the nurse practitioner role in long term care settings in Canada. ($325,000.00 Co-funding from Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Partnerships in Health System Improvement; Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation and the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Nursing Secretariat)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


Co-Principal Investigators:FC Donald, R. Martin-Misner; Co-investigators:K Brazil, D. Bryant-Lukosious, A. DiCenso, J. Ploeg, S. Kaasalainen, L. Schindel-Martin, P. Stolee, CA McAiney, NM Carter, M. Dobbins, A. Taniguchi, N. Akhtar-Danesh
Granting OrganisationsCanadina Institutes of Health Research, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, British Columbia, Ministry of Health Services, Nursing Secretariat