Visiting Professor in Irish Studies

    Prize: Appointment


    I was awarded a Visiting Professorship in Irish Studies at the English Depertment at the University of Vienna for the summer semester 2012. During my appointment, I was th sole course organiser, designer and convener of the following four modules: - Lecture Series ‘(De)Constructing Ireland: Irish Cultural Studies’ (14 week MA level; 50 students) - Cultural Studies Seminar ‘Representing Northern Ireland’ (14 weeks Level 4/MA; 12 students) - Literature Seminar ‘Gender and Nation in Irish Literature’ (14 weeks MA level; 15 students) - PhD Seminar I was involved in all assessment procedures, including setting and marking of exams and essays. I also liaised with the Irish Embassy to organise Irish cultural events and gave a public lecture on my current research on post-Troubles Northern Irish culture.
    Granting OrganisationsUniversity of Vienna