Winner of Innovation Competition

  • Gharib, Amani (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


•The Fikra awards were introduced by Etihad Aviation Group in the UAE to support the government’s drive to encourage innovation.
• I supported the government’s drive to innovation and tackled the topic of Employee Engagement. Project is titled ‘Millennial Engagement at Etihad Aviation Group’.
• Proposal focused on the importance of millennial engagement through value proposition branding, customer centricity, internal journey mapping, and utilizing existing resources.
• Was a final winner from over 2,600 applications to win a top accolade at Etihad Aviation Group’s (EAG) inaugural Fikra awards ceremony for my innovative idea.
• Was selected to face a panel of judges and present my project to members of the board of directors and senior management from across EAG, including the CEO.
Degree of recognitionNational