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R3669CIV: INI(CASE) Tension Piles For Marine Renewables

Donohue, S., Elsaesser, B., Sivakumar, V. & Whittaker, T.

27/11/2014 → …

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R5808MEE: 3D Simulation of Flexible Assembly

Jin, Y.

12/11/2014 → …

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R1459PAI: Missing migrant bodies on Europe's Southern Frontier

Kovras, I.

17/10/2014 → …

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R3662EDU: Evaluation of Nurture Units

Gildea, A., Connolly, P., Lynn, F., Sloan, S. & Winter, K.

15/10/2014 → …

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R1470LAW: The Antislavery Usable Past

Allain, J.

22/09/2014 → …

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R1468CMM: Capital Equipment for CDT

Bowman, R.


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R3639BSC: Lobster Science

Prodohl, P.


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R4684CNR: Movember COE

Jain, S., Cole, A., O'Sullivan, J. & Prise, K.

31/07/2014 → …

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R1395GFS: KTN BBSRC Case Studentship Elliot

Elliott, C.


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R8330ARC: Democracy spatial practices in the city's public spaces

Selim, G.


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R3584MEE: Horizon 2020 Energy Information Day

Foley, A.


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