TEMPUS_G: Temporal Enhancement of Motor Performance using Sensory Guides <PSYCH/MUSIC/ELECTR>

  • Craig, Cathy (PI)

Project Details


The TEMPUS-G Project uses state-of-the-art motion-capture technology to present different types of perceptual stimuli including Infrared Motion Capture, Immersive Interactive Virtual Reality and movement-based game controllers to record movement in response to virtual stimuli in Interactive Movement Games.

One of the strands of the TEMPUS_G Project is working out ways of helping people with impaired movement move a little bit better.

Innovative solutions – such as trying to increase step length through the sound of action (walking on a gravel path) and serious games designed to train balance – can make a notable difference to how people move.

Complementary to pharmacological treatments for diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, patients have reported better balance, confidence and a more active life.
Effective start/end date01/08/2007 → …