Recording care through the PACE Framework

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Key findings

Overall, the findings present a positive picture and suggests that the PACE Framework does promote person-centred care. However, the data also reveals variance across the KPIs that focus on understanding what is important to the patient, shared decision -making and time spent. The comments from patients generated through the patient stories present a similar positive picture. However, the negative comments generated also suggest the need to focus on understanding what is important to patients. The results reported from the documentation review relating specifically to KPI 1 and KPI 8, suggest that while nurses are able to document the practicalities around appropriate care for patients based on a needs assessment, they remain challenged to document the relational aspects of care.
Short titleRecording Care through the PACE Framework: Research Evaluation of an Innovative Approach to Person-centred Care Planning
Effective start/end date11/12/2019 → …


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