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This two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership - to the value of £167,519 - was awarded in early January 2019. I am collaborating with VuCity Planning Consultants to develop a 3D interactive model to assist in enhancing the quality of planning application and the effcicacy of planning decisions. The use of the model is to assess the impact of proposed buildings instantaneously, evaluate planning development proposals, identify problems and offer solutions to facilitate fast decision making by private sector consultants, public sector authorities and government departments. Not only will this project facilitate research-led teaching in Planning, it is already making a substantial contribution to VLE within the School.

Layman's description

Digital Planning Model which evaluates the impacts of proposed development.

Key findings

It is an effective tool which has already been leased by 25 of the 32 London Boroughs.
Short titleDigital Modelling
Effective start/end date01/08/201831/05/2021


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