Limited Editions "For John Cage" and "EDEN EDEN EDEN"

  • Ouzounian, Gascia (PI)

Project Details


Funding from the Griffin Foundation will help support the creation of a new music label, Optophono, through the publication of its first Limited Editions. Optophono was established by Dr Gascia Ouzounian in 2013 as a music label that goes beyond recordings: instead of issuing our material as fixed media on CDs and DVDs, we print interactive editions on custom USB sticks and hard drives. Each Limited Edition
comes with software or hardware that makes it possible for the listener to create a completely unique listening experience at home. Our ultimate goal is to change how recordings are conceptualized and created by artists and engineers, and how they are experienced by listeners. We hope to change the music recording industry by putting the listener's input at the forefront of the musical experience.
Effective start/end date01/08/2012 → …


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