A Monoculture of Globalisation or an International Eco-culture: It is Time to Choose

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The monoculture of globalisation has caused a schism between local needs and the promotion of an international cultural identity. This paradigm may initially seem quasi-authentic and even away forward to address the ever-present cultural struggle; yet the question has to be asked - who and what does this monoculture represent? Through a trans-disciplinary meta-analysis I have reviewed the relevant literature. Initially studying the politics of business and its overarching responsibility to make profit. This business ideology is often also reflected in cultural activities. The cultural web has many successful financial players including artists, gatekeepers, and tastemakers. The galleries and museums cater to audiences that want to see, touch, and be part of this monoculture of success. This led to a subsequent research question - so why is this wrong? In many ways there is nothing wrong with globalisation, or creative success, except when the environment is part of the equation. Current environmental literature highlights climate change, biodiversity loss, invasive species, over use of pesticides, pollution, and overpopulation. Culture has to change and acknowledge the local, but also be aware of the international. Instead of accepting the monoculture of profit, we must all look beyond and see a culture where the environment is put first. Artists, cultural intermediaries, and the audience must step forward to play their part in appreciating the need to preserve their local ecosystems. This in the end may be the only way forward to create an international eco-culture to save the global biome.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jun 2021
EventVoices from the Edge: Negotiating the Local in the Global: Sixteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society - The University of Western Australia - Virtual, Perth, Australia
Duration: 15 Jun 202118 Jun 2021


ConferenceVoices from the Edge: Negotiating the Local in the Global
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