A new performance based method for design and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures

Colleen Green, Sree Nanukuttan, P. A. Muhammed Basheer

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    Best concrete research paper by a student - Research has shown that the cost of managing structures puts high strain on the infrastructure budget, with
    estimates of over 50% of the European construction budget being dedicated to repair and maintenance. If reinforced concrete
    structures are not suitably designed and adequately maintained, their service life is compromised, resulting in the full economic
    value of the investment not realised. The issue is more prevalent in coastal structures as a result of combinations of aggressive
    actions, such as those caused by chlorides, sulphates and cyclic freezing and thawing.
    It is a common practice nowadays to ensure durability of reinforced concrete structures by specifying a concrete mix and a
    nominal cover at the design stage to cater for the exposure environment. This in theory should produce the performance required
    to achieve a specified service life. Although the European Standard EN 206-1 specifies variations in the exposure environment,
    it does not take into account the macro and micro climates surrounding structures, which have a significant influence on their
    performance and service life. Therefore, in order to construct structures which will perform satisfactorily in different exposure
    environments, the following two aspects need to be developed: a performance based specification to supplement EN 206-1
    which will outline the expected performance of the structure in a given environment; and a simple yet transferrable procedure
    for assessing the performance of structures in service termed KPI Theory. This will allow the asset managers not only to design
    structures for the intended service life, but also to take informed maintenance decisions should the performance in service fall
    short of what was specified. This paper aims to discuss this further.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 28 Aug 2014
    EventCivil Engineering Research in Ireland Conference (CERAI) - QUB, Belfast, United Kingdom
    Duration: 28 Aug 201429 Aug 2014


    ConferenceCivil Engineering Research in Ireland Conference (CERAI)
    CountryUnited Kingdom


    • asset management
    • performance specification
    • diffusion coefficient
    • durability testing
    • service life modelling

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    • Civil and Structural Engineering


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