A New Ramped Pyroxidation/Combustion Facility at 14CHRONO, Belfast: Setup Description and Initial Results

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The Belfast Ramped Pyroxidation/Combustion (RPO/RC) facility was
established at the 14CHRONO Centre (Queen’s University Belfast). The
facility was created to provide targeted analysis of bulk material for
refined chronological analysis and carbon source attribution for a range
of sample types. Here we report initial RPO results, principally on
background material, but also including secondary standards that are
routinely analysed at 14CHRONO. A description of our setup,
methodology, and background (blank) correction method for the rig are
provided. The backgrounds (anthracite, spar calcite, Pargas marble)
reported by the system are in excess of 35,000 14C years BP with a
mean age of 39,345 14C years BP (1σ = 36,497- 43,800 years BP,
N=44). Initial results for standards are also in good agreement with
consensus values: TIRI-B pine radiocarbon age = 4482 ± 47 years BP
(N=13, consensus = 4508 years BP); IAEA-C6 ANU Sucrose F14C=1.5036 ± .0034 (N=10, consensus F14C = 1.503). These initial tests
have allowed problematic issues to be identified and improvements made
for future analyses.
Original languageEnglish
JournalRadiocarbon Journal
Early online date28 Jun 2021
Publication statusEarly online date - 28 Jun 2021


  • Radiocarbon
  • Ramped Pyroxidation


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