A Novel Active Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control for Robot Ma- 2 nipulators with Finite-Time Stability

Thanh Nguyen Truong, Anh Tuan Vo, Hee-Jun Kang, Mien Van

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Many terminal sliding mode controllers (TSMCs) have been suggested to obtain exact tracking control of robotic manipulators in finite time. The ordinary method is based on TSMCs that secure trajectory tracking under the assumptions such as the known robot dynamic model and the determined upper boundary of uncertain components. Despite tracking errors that tend to zero in finite time, the weakness of TSMCs is chattering, slow convergence speed, and the need for the exact robot dynamic model. Few studies are handling the weakness of TSMCs by using the combination between TSMCs and finite-time observers. In this paper, we present a novel finite-time fault tolerance control (FTC) method for robotic manipulators. A finite-time fault detection observer (FTFDO) is proposed to estimate all uncertainties, external disturbances, and faults accurately and on time. From the estimated information of FTFDO, a novel finite-time FTC method is developed based on a new finite-time terminal sliding surface and a new finite-time reaching control law. Thanks to this approach, the proposed FTC method provides a fast convergence speed for both observation error and control error in finite time. The operation of the robot system is guaranteed with expected performance even in case of faults, including high tracking accuracy, small chattering behavior in control input signals, and fast transient response with the variation of disturbances, uncertainties, or faults. The stability and finite-time convergence of the proposed control system are verified that they are strictly guaranteed by Lyapunov theory and finite-time control theory. The simulation performance for a FARA robotic manipulator proves the proposed control theory’s correctness and effectiveness.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere8101
Number of pages24
JournalSensors (Basel, Switzerland)
Issue number23
Early online date03 Dec 2021
Publication statusPublished - 03 Dec 2021


  • fault tolerant control
  • fault detection observer
  • terminal sliding mode control
  • finite-time control theory
  • robot manipulators


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