A Novel Edge Security Gateway for End-to-End Protection in Industrial Internet of Things

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Many critical industrial control systems integrate a mixture of state-of-the-art and legacy equipment. Legacy installations lack advanced, and often even basic security features, risking entire system security. Existing research primarily focuses on the development of secure protocols for emerging devices or protocol translation proxies for legacy equipment. However, a robust security framework not only needs encryption but also mechanisms to prevent reconnaissance and unauthorized access to industrial devices. This paper proposes a novel Edge Security Gateway (ESG) that provides both, communication and endpoint security. The ESG is based on double ratchet algorithm and encrypts every message with a different key. It manages the ongoing renewal of short-lived session keys and provides localized firewall protection to individual devices. The ESG is easily customizable for a wide range of industrial application. As a use case, this paper presents the design and validation for synchrophasor technology in smart grid. The ESG effectiveness is practically validated in detecting reconnaissance, manipulation, replay, and command injection attacks due to its perfect forward and backward secrecy properties.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2021 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM 2021): Proceedings
Publisher IEEE
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2021

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NameIEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM): Proceedings
ISSN (Print)1944-9925
ISSN (Electronic)1944-9933


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