A value based approach to selection of suitable applicants to a career in nursing

Laurence Leonard, Mary Traynor, Despina Galanouli, Thomas Gale, Martin Roberts

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IntroductionThe study reported here aimed to trial the MMI approach to recruitment with a group of first year nursing students (already selected using traditional interviews) .AimTo evaluate the suitability of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) as a potential tool for the selection of nursing and midwifery candidates on to a BSc (Hons) nursing programme. Methods The research design was primarily quantitative and this paper reports on the evaluation of the MMI participants’ detailed scores from the MMI stations; their original interview scores and their end of year results.Scores from the seven MMI stations were analysed using SPSS v19 to show the internal structure, reliability and generalisability of the stations. Original selection scores from interviews and in-course assessment were correlated with the MMI scores. OutcomesNeither the MMI scores nor the original interview scores were correlated with the module results. Scores for the personal statement, generally regarded as an unreliable measure on which to select applicants, were significantly positively correlated with results for three of the four modules. ConclusionThe MMI appears to offer a selection process that is probably more reliable than the traditional interview in selecting candidates with the necessary personal attributes and qualities but does not necessarily predict academic success.ReferencesCallwood A., Allan H. & Courtenay M. (2012) Editorial: Are current strategies for pre-registration student nurse and student midwife selection ‘fit for purpose’ from a UK perspective? Introducing the multiple mini interview. Nurse Education Today 32(8), 835-837.Cleland J., Dowell J., McLachlan J., Nicholson S. & Patterson F. (2012) Identifying best practice in the selection of medical students (literature review and interview survey). 106 pages. URL: http://www.gmc-uk.orgNHS. Health Education England (2014) Evaluation of values based recruitment in the NHS. February 2014. VBR programme. Literature Review and Evaluation Criteria. Executive Summary. Work Psychology Group
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 02 Mar 2017
EventRCSI 36th Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research & Education Conference 2017 - Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 01 Mar 201702 Mar 2017


ConferenceRCSI 36th Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research & Education Conference 2017
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