Acoustic and Volumetric Properties of Diluted Solutions of Water in Ionic Liquids

Justyna Skowronek, Monika Geppert-Rybczyńska, Johan Jacquemin, Peter Goodrich, Jorge Alvarez Vicente, Mirosław Chorążewski, Sylwia Jężak, Michał Zorębski, Edward Zorębski, Monika Żarska, Wojciech Kaca, Paweł Berdyczko, Marzena Dzida

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Herein, we report the densities and speeds of sound in binary mixtures of three hydrophobic and one hydrophilic ionic liquids: 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis[(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl]imide, [C4mim][NTf2], 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis[(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl]imide, [C4mpyr][NTf2], 1-propyl-3-methylimidazolium bis[(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl]imide, [C3mim][NTf2] and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanate, [C2mim][SCN], with water at 298.15 K and 0.1 MPa. The concentration range of water, which encompassed relatively small values well below the saturation point, is often regarded as an impurity for hydrophobic ionic liquids. On the basis of experimental results the molar volume, adiabatic molar compressibility, partial molar volume and apparent molar volume, as well as, partial molar and apparent molar isentropic compressibility properties were then calculated. Interesting results are obtained using the solutions based on the hydrophilic [C2mim][SCN], since these mixtures are characterized by relatively low density and high values of speed of sound. Furthermore, the partial molar volumes and partial molar adiabatic compressibilities of water in solution with [C2mim][SCN] are the lowest among the investigated in mixtures with ionic liquids. However, in the case of the hydrophobic ionic liquid solutions, only small differences are observed for molar adiabatic compressibilities with the change of the cation structure, i.e. for water + [C4mim][NTf2] or + [C4mpyr][NTf2]. A more pronounced difference has been observed for the partial molar compressibility of water in solutions with these two ionic liquids.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)824-837
Number of pages14
JournalJournal of Solution Chemistry
Issue number3-4
Early online date12 Apr 2015
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2015


  • Ionic liquids
  • Speed of sound
  • Adiabatic compressibility
  • Apparent and partial molar volume
  • Apparent and partial molar compressibility


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