AI_Jam: 23rd Advanced Imaging Festival (2022)

Jia-Rey Chang (Developer)

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AI_Jam: Generative Interactive Art Exhibited in Video Format

AI_JAM is an audio-visual interactive web-based installation that people can use it as an instrument to compose sound together with AI simultaneously. Seeking a stronger and closer bonding and finding harmony between humans and AI to create a direct interaction for making music is the concept here. The background drumbeat is generated by AI (Google Magenta) and the beat pattern can be switched by the audience’s preferences. While the beat is playing in the background, the audience can freely JAM with the AI by several options. Option 1) is to drag the mouse to different positions on the screen to generate sound. Option 2) is to use a set of Wii-Nunchucks (like a piano set) to move the position with joysticks to produce the same effect as option 1) 's mouse dragging. Option 3) is to turn on the “color-tracking mode”, the audience can move a certain assigned color object (yellow in this code/case) detected by the webcam(tracking.js) in order to generate sound (Tone.js). While playing this installation, several visual effects, such as delay-RGB-shader, 3D geometries, and audio-responding waves can be simultaneously turned on to enhance the immersive experience. Imagine, the audience is just like a lead guitar player by dragging the mouse or moving the color object to generate the melody, while Artificial Intelligence as a drummer takes part in the rhythm. It attempts to lower the difficulty of playing the instruments and realizing the dream of jamming with AI without any sophisticated skillset.

The 23rd Advanced Imaging Festival whose main theme is AI^2 Ver.3 was held by Chung-Ang University, South Korea, this year. 110 works by 11 artists, experts, and graduate students from seven countries online are exhibited to show the fruits of engineering and visual arts convergence, including artificial intelligence technology, starting from Nov 3rd, 2022. This festival also covers a wide range of categories covers from advanced imaging, games, and films, to animations. AI_Jam was showcased in the Special Exhibition section which also included Claudia Larcher, a professor at Vienna University of Applied Arts in Austria, and Daito Manabe, a professor at Keio Juku University in Japan.

Exhibited as a video document at The 23rd Advanced Imaging Festival, from 3 November 2023
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 03 Nov 2022
EventAIIF Advanced Imaging International Festival-International Conference -
Duration: 03 Nov 2022 → …
Conference number: 23


  • AI
  • sound
  • interaction
  • audio-visual
  • computer vision


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