Algunas reflexiones sobre el Bronce Inicial en el Noroeste peninsular: La cuestión del llamado horizonte “Montelavar”

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    Although considerable effort has gone into the study of the subject, the Early Bronze Age of northwestern Iberia remains one of the more poorly understood phenomena of the Iberian Bronze Age. Most past attempts to systemise the relevant archaeological evidence did suffer from certain conceptual problems, particulary Harrison’s notion of a ‘Montelavar horizon’ or ‘Montelavar group’, formulated thirty years ago. As a consequence, neither this nor any of the other concepts which have been put forward in the past, has ever been embraced by a majority of scholars. In the present article, we are trying to solve at least some of the problems that plagued earlier concepts, by taking a fresh look at the Early Bronze Age funerary record from northwestern Iberia. At the same time, we are looking at the role played by Galicia and northern Portugal in the network of interregional contacts which characterize the Early Bronze Age in Western Europe.
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