An Analysis of Medical Students' Attitude and Motivation in Pursuing an Intercalated MSc in Clinical Anatomy (Principal Investigator)

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Objectives: This study aimed to explore what factors influence and motivate medical students to undergo an intercalated degree and why they prefer to choose an intercalated MSc in Clinical Anatomy.
Methods: The study consisted of 54 medical students enrolled in Queen's University Belfast which offers a range of intercalated degrees, including an iBSc in Medical Science and an iMSc in Clinical Anatomy. Five-point Likert scale survey was used to collect data, designed to discover what the influencing factors were in deciding to take an intercalating degree and if they have a desire to gain research experience. It measured the motivational features of their chosen courses.
Results: In recent years, more students (68.5%, n = 54) opted for the iMSc rather than the iBSc. This difference in number of students was statistically significant (chi-square = 33.4, P t = 2.78, P = 0.009).
Conclusion: The study shows no significant link to a desire to gain research experience in determining which intercalated programme to undertake. Students favoured iMSc more because they believed it will enhance their employability.
Feedback from a medical graduate from Nigeria:
On Mon, 17 Oct 2022 at 7:20 AM, Abulkathir Mujtaba <> wrote:

Dear Prof., Eiman Abdul Meguid,

My name is Dr MUJTABA Abulkathir from Nigeria. I studied medicine and surgery and obtained my MBBS from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, in 2019. I’m presently a practising medical practitioner in Nigeria. I’m one of the prospective M. Sc. Clinical Anatomy Chevening applicants. 

My unwavering passion for Clinical Anatomy was cemented following the recent unprecedented rise in the incidence of quackery practices, particularly regarding surgical cases within my locality. It has engulfed the lives of innocent individuals in the name of seeking treatment for their ailments. Hospitals are meant for saving lives but it’s turning into a graveyard in some parts of Nigeria.

I’ve read some of your research and where indeed instrumental to me. I Particularly got motivated by one of your articles titled “Stem cells applications in bone and tooth repair and regeneration: New insights, tools, and hopes”  It was quite filled with overwhelming, thought-provoking knowledge which stood beyond fascinating.

Furthermore, your article titled  “An Analysis of Medical Students’ Attitude and Motivation in Pursuing an Intercalated MSc in Clinical Anatomy” will ever remain an eye-opener and further buttresses my enthusiasm to be under your guidance so that I can come back to my home country and help our people to fight this problem with an ion fist.

I felt that it’s imperative to make this contact while preparing to be among your student seeking sponsorship through Chevening next year. I would appreciate it if you give me a supervision approval letter, which will help facilitate my application for admission and the scholarship.

With best regards,

Your prospective M. Sc. student; Dr Mujtaba, Abulkathir

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EventMedical/dental Students First Experience in Human Cadaver Dissection Across Culture. - Abstract submitted to the American Association of Anatomists 2019 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 6-9, 2019., Florida, United States
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