An analysis of stage performance in automotive turbocharger centrifugal compressors

Charles Stuart, Peter Harley, Stephen Spence, Sung Kim, Dietmar Filsinger, Andre Starke

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As the concept of engine downsizing becomes ever more integrated into automotive powertrain development strategies, so too does the pressure on turbocharger manufacturers to deliver improvements in map width and a reduction in the mass flow rate at which compressor surge occurs. A consequence of this development is the increasing importance of recirculating flows, both in the impeller inlet and outlet domains, on stage performance.
The current study seeks to evaluate the impact of the inclusion of impeller inlet recirculation on a meanline centrifugal compressor design tool. Using a combination of extensive test data, single passage CFD predictions, and 1-D analysis it is demonstrated how the addition of inlet recirculation modelling impacts upon stage performance close to the surge line. It is also demonstrated that, in its current configuration, the accuracy of the 1-D model prediction diminishes significantly with increasing blade tip speed.
Having ascertained that the existing model requires further work, an evaluation of the vaneless diffuser modelling method currently employed within the existing 1-D model is undertaken. The comparison of the predicted static pressure recovery coefficient with test data demonstrated the inherent inadequacies in the resulting prediction, in terms of both magnitude and variation with flow rate. A simplified alternative method based on an equivalent friction coefficient is also presented that, with further development, could provide a significantly improved stage performance prediction.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2014
EventTurbocharger Seminar 2014 - Tianjin, China
Duration: 23 Sept 201424 Sept 2014


ConferenceTurbocharger Seminar 2014


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