An Integrated Approach to Quantifying Groundwater and Surface Water Contributions of Stream Flow

S. Jennings, Bjoern Elsaesser, G. Baker, T Bree, D Daly, J Fitzpartick, G. Glasgow, T Hunter-Williams

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    The management of water resources in Ireland prior to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) has focussed on surface water and groundwater as separate entities. A critical element to the successful implementation of the
    WFD is to improve our understanding of the interaction between the two and flow mechanisms by which groundwaters discharge to surface waters. An improved understanding of the contribution of groundwater to surface water is required for the classification of groundwater body status and the determination of groundwater quality thresholds. The results of the study will also have a wider application to many areas of the WFD.
    A subcommittee of the WFD Groundwater Working Group (GWWG) has been formed to develop a methodology to estimate the groundwater contribution to Irish Rivers. The group has selected a number of analytical techniques to quantify components of stream flow in an Irish context (Master Recession Curve, Unit Hydrograph, Flood Studies Report methodologies and
    hydrogeological analytical modelling). The components of stream flow that can be identified include deep groundwater, intermediate and overland. These analyses have been tested on seven pilot catchments that have a variety of hydrogeological settings and have been used to inform and constrain a mathematical model. The mathematical model used was the NAM (NedbØr-AfstrØmnings-Model) rainfall-runoff model which is a module of DHIs MIKE 11 modelling suite. The results from these pilot catchments have been used to develop a decision model based on catchment descriptors from GIS datasets for the selection of NAM parameters. The datasets used include the mapping of aquifers, vulnerability and subsoils, soils, the Digital Terrain Model, CORINE and lakes. The national coverage of the GIS datasets has allowed the extrapolation of the mathematical model to regional catchments across Ireland.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages10
    Publication statusPublished - 2007
    EventNational Hydrology Seminar - Tullamore, Ireland
    Duration: 08 Nov 2007 → …


    ConferenceNational Hydrology Seminar
    Period08/11/2007 → …


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