Anti-biofilm activity of murepavadin against cystic fibrosis Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates

María Díez-Aguilar, Miquel Ekkelenkamp, María-Isabel Morosini, Natalia Huertas, Rosa Del Campo, Javier Zamora, Ad C Fluit, Michael M Tunney, Daniel Obrecht, Francesca Bernardini, Rafael Cantón

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Objectives: To determine the activity of murepavadin in comparison with tobramycin, colistin and aztreonam, against cystic fibrosis (CF) Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates growing in biofilms. The biofilm-epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values that include intrinsic resistance mechanisms present in biofilms were estimated.
Methods: Fifty-three CF P. aeruginosa isolates from respiratory samples were tested using the Calgary (closed system) device, while 4 [2 clinical (one smooth, one mucoid) and 2 reference strains] were tested using the BioFlux, a microfluidic open model of biofilm testing. Biofilm was stained with SYTO9® and propidium iodide. The minimal biofilm inhibitory concentration (MBIC) and the minimal biofilm eradication concentration (MBEC) were determined. The MBIC-ECOFF and the MBEC-ECOFF were calculated.
Results: Colistin, tobramycin and murepavadin presented similar MBIC50/MBIC90 values (4/32, 8/64 and 2/32, respectively). Murepavadin exhibited the lowest MBEC90 (64 mg/L). Aztreonam MBIC and MBEC values were higher than those of the other antibiotics tested. Tobramycin and murepavadin had the lowest MBEC-ECOFF (64 and 128 mg/L, respectively), while those of aztreonam and colistin exceeded 512 mg/L. Using the BioFlux, for the PAO1, PAO mutS and the smooth clinical strain, a significant difference (P < 0.0125) was observed when comparing the fluorescence of treated and untreated biofilms. For the mucoid strain, only the biofilm treated with aztreonam (MBIC and MBEC) and tobramycin (MBEC) showed differences with respect to the untreated biofilm.
Conclusions: Murepavadin demonstrated good activity against P. aeruginosa biofilms both in open and closed systems. The MBIC-ECOFF and the MBEC-ECOFF are proposed as new parameters to estimate the activity of antibiotics on biofilms.
Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
Early online date20 Jul 2021
Publication statusEarly online date - 20 Jul 2021


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