Antonio y Gabriel de Sancha, libreros de la Ilustración, y sus relaciones comerciales con Inglaterra

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In this article we take as our point of departure the booksellers' catalogues printed by the Sanchas during the reigns of Charles III and Charles IV, as well as the catalogues issued by their London correspondents the booksellers Thomas Payne and Benjamin White. We contextualize the business relationship which developed between the Sanchas and the London booksellers as a direct result of Gabriel de Sancha's visit to London in the Summer of 1784. This study highlights the significance of a parallel offer of recently published books in English and Spanish in some of the most renowned bookshops in Madrid and London between the mid 1780s and the years immediately before the Peninsular War, a circumstance that no doubt stimulated curiosity on both sides and sped up the transfert culturel between both countries. Notwithstanding their business and private troubles, Antonio and Gabriel de Sancha, self-reliant entrepreneurs and cultural intermediaries, were able to establish a dynamic book trade flow which did not imply the subordination of Spain to England.
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Pages (from-to)217-259
Number of pages43
JournalBulletin of Spanish Studies: Hispanic Studies and Researches on Spain, Portugal and Latin America
Issue number9-10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2014

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