Approaches for sustainable fisheries management for the Egyptian Red Sea utilizing artisanal fishers' expertise

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The main objectives of this study are to understand the characteristics of the Egyptian artisanal Red Sea fishery from fishers’ perspectives as well as to capture the fishers’ preferences for potential management alternatives. The incorporation of stakeholders' knowledge is integral to various facets of fisheries, such as data collection and management decision-making. Compliance remains a challenge in the Egyptian Red Sea, where a four-month summer closure has been instituted to limit fishing efforts. This study surveyed fishers to understand their opinions on potential management strategies, as current restrictions have led to overexploitation. The respondents offered four alternatives: 40 preferred the status quo and appreciated compensation during the closure period (most of whom were migrants who appreciate the time off to spend back home with compensation), 18 suggested closures aligned with spawning seasons, 33 were in favour of stopping recreational fishing, six proposed shorter closure periods, and six called for no restrictions. These alternatives are crucial in defining clear objectives for alternative management plans, providing better-informed management advice. Importantly, fishers were found to be valuable in identifying species that are rarely caught, which can provide insights into which species should be evaluated and managed, given that traditional catch data are less informative in this context. The gathered information on target species informed the metier design for the Egyptian artisanal Red Sea, aiding in predicting management strategies and selecting the most suitable ones. Three metiers were identified, all targeting the species Lethrinus nebulosus. Based on these findings, the study recommends the incorporation of fishers' knowledge and preferences into the development and implementation of management strategies for the Egyptian Red Sea, with particular emphasis on adaptive management approaches and stakeholder engagement.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2023
EventQueen's-AFBI Alliance PhD Student Conference 2023 - Riddel Hall, Belfast, United Kingdom
Duration: 13 Nov 202313 Nov 2023


ConferenceQueen's-AFBI Alliance PhD Student Conference 2023
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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