Art and conflict transformation

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In many societies recovering from violent conflict, the arts feature as one of a diverse set of tools to help individuals and communities come to terms with their violent past and affect the relational change necessary to prevent a return to violence. The assumed intrinsic value of the arts in this context is marked by significant investments by international, governmental and grassroots funding bodies, however evidence of the actual impact the arts may have is limited. The Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool is leading research that attempts to test this assumption via a long-term evaluation of funded arts projects in Northern Ireland. It seeks to better understand whether and how art can contribute to conflict transformation, and how current practice in terms of managing the relationships between funders and organisations undertaking a variety of projects can best utilise the potential transformative quality of the arts. A Research Advisory Committee made up of individuals from funding organisations, local theatres, academics and other members of the arts community in Northern Ireland will help co-produce the design and evolution of the project for the next three years.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 24 May 2018
EventNew Perspectives in Criminology - University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Duration: 24 May 2018 → …


ConferenceNew Perspectives in Criminology
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Period24/05/2018 → …


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