ASIME 2018 White Paper. In-Space Utilisation of Asteroids: Asteroid Composition -- Answers to Questions from the Asteroid Miners

Amara L. Graps, Angel Abbud-Madrid, Paul Abell, Antonella Barucci, Pierre Beck, Lydie Bonal, Grant Bonin, Øystein Risan Borgersen, Daniel Britt, Humberto Campins, Kevin Cannon, Ian Carnelli, Benoît Carry, Ian Crawford, Julia de Leon, Line Drube, Kerri Donaldson-Hanna, Martin Elvis, Alan Fitzsimmons, JL GalacheSimon F. Green, Jan Thimo Grundmann, Alan Herique, Daniel Hestroffer, Henry Hsieh, Akos Kereszturi, Michael Kueppers, Chris Lewicki, Yangting Lin, Amy Mainzer, Patrick Michel, Hong-Kyu Moon, Tomoki Nakamura, Antti Penttila, Sampsa Pursiainen, Carol Raymond, Vishnu Reddy, Andy Rivkin, Joel Sercel, Angela Stickle, Paolo Tanga, Mika Takala, Tom Wirtz, YunZhao Wu

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In keeping with the Luxembourg government's initiative to support the future use of space resources, ASIME 2018 was held in Belval, Luxembourg on April 16-17, 2018. The goal of ASIME 2018: Asteroid Intersections with Mine Engineering, was to focus on asteroid composition for advancing the asteroid in-space resource utilisation domain. What do we know about asteroid composition from remote-sensing observations? What are the potential caveats in the interpretation of Earth-based spectral observations? What are the next steps to improve our knowledge on asteroid composition by means of ground-based and space-based observations and asteroid rendez-vous and sample return missions? How can asteroid mining companies use this knowledge? ASIME 2018 was a two-day workshop of almost 70 scientists and engineers in the context of the engineering needs of space missions with in-space asteroid utilisation. The 21 Questions from the asteroid mining companies were sorted into the four asteroid science themes: 1) Potential Targets, 2) Asteroid-Meteorite Links, 3) In-Situ Measurements and 4) Laboratory Measurements. The Answers to those Questions were provided by the scientists with their conference presentations and collected by A. Graps or edited directly into an open-access collaborative Google document or inserted by A. Graps using additional reference materials. During the ASIME 2018, first day and second day Wrap-Ups, the answers to the questions were discussed further. New readers to the asteroid mining topic may find the Conversation boxes and the Mission Design discussions especially interesting.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 01 Apr 2019


  • Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics


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