Assessment of Flow Characteristics at Two Locations in an Energetic Tidal Channel

Hanna Torrens-Spence, Pal Schmitt, Carwyn Frost, Ian Benson, Pauline MacKinnon, Trevor Whittaker

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Inflow turbulence can impact a turbine’s powerperformance and load conditions and also affects wake recovery.At array scale, changes in flow conditions across a site impact theenergy yield, performance and load conditions of turbines.Understanding the variation of flow conditions in time and spaceat deployment sites is therefore important to the tidal streamenergy industry.Tidal flow field data of sufficient detail to allow turbulencecharacterisation remains relatively scarce. Traditional three orfour beam Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), whichare commonly used for tidal flow resource characterisation, arelimited by their spatial and temporal resolution and by theassumption of flow homogeneity across their beams. Higherresolution methods of measurement must therefore beimplemented.This paper presents flow measurements that were conductedconcurrently from two moored platforms in Strangford Narrows,an energetic tidal channel, separated by approximately 500m.Between the two locations a rocky outcrop exists in the channeland the characteristics of the flow vary significantly. Twocollocated instruments were used to measure the flowcharacteristics at each location: a five beam ADCP (NortekSignature 1000) and an ADV (Nortek Vector).This paper compares and contrasts both the flow characteristicsat each location and the turbulence measurements using thedifferent instrumentation types. The combination ofinstrumentation enables improved characterisation of the flow.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the Twelfth European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
Publication statusPublished - 01 Aug 2017
EventEuropean Wave and Tidal Energy Conference: EWTEC2017 - Cork, Ireland
Duration: 27 Aug 201701 Sept 2017


ConferenceEuropean Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
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