Automatic dimensional reduction and meshing of stiffened thin-wall structures

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The creation of idealised, dimensionally reduced meshes for preliminary design and optimisation remains a time-consuming, manual task. A dimensionally reduced model is ideal for assessing design changes through modification of element properties without the need to create a new geometry or mesh. In this paper, a novel approach for automating the creation of mixed dimensional meshes is presented. The input to the process is a solid model which has been decomposed into a non-manifold assembly of smaller volumes with different meshing significance. Associativity between the original solid model and the dimensionally reduced equivalent is maintained. The approach is validated by means of a free-free modal analysis on an output mesh of a gas turbine engine component of industrial complexity. Extensions and enhancements to this work are also discussed.
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JournalEngineering With Computers
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Early online date16 Apr 2013
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