Beyond the UK Referendum - what next for the EU?

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While the natural instinct to a move as momentous as the UK's referendum on withdrawing from the EU may be stasis, such stasis does not help the rabbit in the headlight, and it will not help the EU faced with the withdrawal of its most reluctant member. Instead, the EU should take the opportunity to regain the initiative by responding to the divide mirrored in the UK referendum as far as it is experienced in other jurisdictions as well: the divide those who feel that they are the victims of an economic downturn blamed on the Internal Market and Economic and Monetary Union and those who stand to gain from the same institutions. Reviving the potential of free movement to contribute to improving individual lives, as well as forging effective EU level social law and policy should be medium term consequences, while addressing violence against EU migrants is a more immediate concern. The blog outlines the cause of action for the EU from socio-legal perspectives
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Publication statusPublished - 05 Jul 2016


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