Book Review: Understanding and Assessing Child Sexual Maltreatment.

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Reviews the book "Understanding and Assessing Child Sexual Maltreatment," by K.C. Faller (2003). The book includes chapters on what constitutes sexual maltreatment, professional roles and the extent of child sexual maltreatment; definitions and signs of child sexual maltreatment; collaboration with institutions having mandatory and legal obligations; working with protective services and the police, collaborating with attorneys and working with the courts; data collection and decision-making; child interviews when abuse is suspected, context and decision-making; and sexual abuse in special contexts (in family foster care, day care and in divorce cases). Furthermore, one of the main features of this book, apart from offering an extensive knowledge base and clear foundation in research literature, is the multitude of case examples of children who have suffered child sexual maltreatment. The reviewer concludes that this book presents a wealth of information and practical tools for assessment and intervention that have been tested in the field over many years. It is written for professionals, child protection workers, mental health practitioners, lawyers and law enforcement personnel, and constitutes a good supplementary text for qualifying programmes. The reviewer recommends it as required reading for all of these professionals. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)
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